• Isaac Gutierrez

What is Born Loser?

I don't really feel like writing this. This seems like a lot of work for something nobody will remember reading. This isn't like Charlotte's Web. Everyone remembers reading Charlotte's Web. What a great book. When I was a kid I didn't really understand all of the motifs and symbolism, but now that I'm older... I guess I still don't. I should probably re-read that book soon. Born Loser is a music blog as well as a streetwear brand from Texas. Born Loser began in 2017 when I borrowed $100 from my mom to design some tshirts. Hopefully I make enough to pay her back someday.All of our designs (Born loser's designs not my mom's designs) are hand drawn and all original. We pride ourselves in maintaining a DIY self attitude while still brining you quality products. Born Loser is home to all of the misfits, loners, outcasts, and underdogs who are following their dreams.(Like Wilbur, who dreamed of adopting orphaned baby spiders) Born Loser is for everyone not conforming to what society says. If you want to wear bedazzled crocs, wear bedazzled crocs. If you want to like crappy polka/tejano/punk bands that nobody has ever heard of, then like crappy polka/tejano/punk bands that nobody has ever heard of. I don't know. I don't feel like writing anymore. I think I'm done. I want to know the story from the rat's perspective. He had the most potential out of all of those barnyard animals. He had an extensive vocabulary for a rodent, and he was on the verge of fully grasping the concept of syntax. Who knows what that rat could have accomplished if he really applied himself? He had all of that potential, yet he was content with pig slops. That's a perfect metaphor for this generation. Hopefully he got his act together eventually. I just searched his name. His name is "Templeton." Templeton the rat. I bet he comes from a good family, because that's a fancy name. Don't be a Templeton. Even if you are a rat, that doesn't mean you have to settle for pig slops. You can spell words.You can be whatever you want.

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