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Fanclubwallet Interview


1. What have you been listening to lately?

This is Lorelei, Pool Kids, Dismemberment Plan, devendra banhart!

2. When was the last time you changed your guitar strings?

Never! Both of my guitars are missing the high e string. I change the strings on my bass though.

3. Have you ever seen a ghost or had any paranormal experience?

I’ve never seen a ghost but I believe in them, my dad used to send me family ghost stories in the mail when I’d go to sleep away camp.

4. What early 2000’s trend do you think is due for a comeback?

CD’s! I’m obbsessed.

5. If you were to make a mix cd right now, what 3 songs or artists would for sure be included in that mix cd?

Rilo Kiley, modest mouse, this is Lorelei!

6. Do you think Jerry Seinfeld has listened to any of your music?

Hahaha probably not. But I hope he does and I hope he shows it to Larry David and that he hates it. I think that would be funny.

7. Who would win in a fight? An adult version of Dennis the Menace, or Shawn Mendes?

Shawn mendes, he has the advantage of being 3D.

8. What do I have to do to get a Fanclubwallet + Adult Mom collab?

Maybe not a collab.. but a cover? Who knows!!

9. On a scale from 1-10 how good are you at playing Clocks by Coldplay on guitar?

0, I tried to play it last week and couldn’t remember!!

10. Any local Ottawa bands that we should check out?

Sorry snowmen, chemical club, neurotypes, plastic farm!!


Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser Mag: Hey! How are you doing? Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

Hannah Judge (Fanclubwallet): Hey! I’m good, enjoying the summer!! Thanks for having me.

To start things off, can you introduce yourself?

I’m Hannah! I’m born n raised in Ottawa Canada and I’m a cartoonist and musician!

When did you first start writing/recording music as Fanclubwallet?

Fanclubwallet started after I had written a song called “fike”. I was still in my old band “Gullet” but I think we were on a bit of a break and the song didn’t really fit so I wanted to release something on my own!

I read in a previous interview that you worked at a music venue before pursuing music yourself. What was your job??

I was a photographer! And sort of just a general helper outer. I’d kinda do whatever tasks they needed help with but mostly took photos of the bands!

Was there a specific moment where you realized that music was something that you wanted to pursue?

Music has always been a big part of my art wether it’s writing songs or even writing comics. I used to film music videos for other bands as well. So I’ve always been really interested in music, but it wasn’t until things started picking up with Fanclubwallet that I got really serious about it.

From what I can tell you started releasing music as fanclubwallet in 2020. I’m sure there were a lot of difficulties starting a musical project in such a weird time, but were there any surprising benefits?

I think it gave me a lot of time to sort of figure my own stuff out and practice and write and make mistakes a little less publicly. I didn’t have to worry about playing shows or anything. I think it was a good time to put out music honestly.

You released your debut album ‘You Have Got To Be Kidding Me’ not too long ago! How does it feel to finally be able to share that with the world?

It feels really good! It’s like a big weight off my shoulders and I’m excited to start on the next thing.

You started writing some of the songs two years ago. What was the writing/recording process like throughout that time?

It was pretty scattered, I was dealing with a lot of life changes so it felt a bit like putting a bunch of puzzle pieces together. We recorded a bit in Ottawa, a bit in Montreal and then at a studio called port William sound in the woods.

I think my personal favorite track off the album is “Go Out”. Can you give us some background on that song?

Thank you! I was listening to a lot of the band duster when I wrote that. I was pretty happy with that one because it didn’t even have to go through a lot of changes and sounds really similar to the demo I made!

You’ve mentioned that the album is a record about growing pains and turbulence. What is like taking that growing pain and turbulence going into making the album, and at the end of the whole process ending up with something that you’re happy with/ proud of?

I think that life is probably a lot of growing pains like…forever. So it’s nice to have moved on from some of the stuff I was writing about the last couple years, but now I have new growing pains to deal with haha. I’m glad I could sort of seal up that moment like a time capsule though.

I read that your friend Meredith from high school made the album art! Not really a question. I just wanted to give Meredith a shoutout because the album art is really cool!

@mishsmam on insta!! The best ever!

Is there anything that you learned from the process of making the album that you think you’ll carry with you into your future projects?

I definitely learnt a lot about production, and playing my instruments in general. I’m excited to excitement more in the future knowing what I know now.

You’ve mentioned in a few previous interviews that you typically use inexpensive gear when making music. Do you have a dream instrument or any dream gear that you’re actively looking for?

I have fulfilled a lot of my dreams this year gear wise, but I would love a semi hollow Gibson. An ES-335. They are way too expensive though haha.

What makes a fanclubwallet song a fanclubwallet song?

4 on the floor drums.

I saw that you played at SXSWthis year! What was that experience like?

It was cool! Honestly we avoided the festival a bit because we were worried about covid so we’d just play and then go back to where we were staying! It was really expensive and I’m thankful I had the support to be able to play it but it definitely isn’t a sustainable festival to play. I’m glad there’s a lot of talk about this going on, online at least.

Did you get to see any cool bands perform??

I did get to see girlpool and water from your eyes and they were amazing!

You’re currently on tour! What has that been like so far?

Tour was amazing!! I think I made a lot of fans and it was amazing to be able to connect with so many different audiences.

What has been your most memorable show so far?

In St. Petersburg Florida it STORMED. This was our first show with Chvrches. I just watched from the stage while we played and all our merch got water poured on it. It was definitely hectic but ended up being a lot of fun.

What have you been listening to while in the van driving to the next city?

I bought a “Land of the Loops” CD and have been making everyone listen to that. I also played becks “one foot in the grave” a few times.

I know being a touring artist can be pretty difficult. What are some ways that we as listeners can show support to you and other touring bands?

Buying directly from the band!! Bandcamp!! Sharing the music with your friends!

Is there anything that you want our readers to know? It doesn’t have to be about music.

Worms don’t have hearts they have aortic arches, and they have three of them!

To wrap things up, do you have any questions for me?

What’s your favourite cartoon?

Oh man that's a tough one. I love old Hanna-Barbera cartoons. I really like the art style I think. I've also been watching a ton of He-Man and The Masters of The Universe lately, also for the art style. I'm secretly an old man at heart.


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