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Music Video | 'Man of Your Dreams' Raffaella ft. Samia

The last time I posted a music video was back in 2022, so you KNOW this is a special occasion. (I really need to be better about that)

Of the song, Raffaella says: “This is a couple of secular city girls, with an unfounded curiosity for religion, singing as postulants for the holy order that is the Music Industry. Everything we say is a joke that we take seriously; our request that Mother Mary make us funnier and prettier is as impossible as the interminable expectations of femininity and all of its falsified ideals - we are praying as sincerely as we are trying. Favors, funding, patience, forgiveness, humor, beauty, selflessness… it’s a lot to ask for but it’s also something that we both really want to be able to provide. As women in the music industry, it can feel like we have to be as good and as resilient as Jesus Christ - which is okay sometimes, as long as you can make fun of the insane standards with language that is as hyperbolic as it is honest. It would be nice to be the man of your dreams. We just kinda wanted to see what it’d feel like to be able to make that promise out loud.”


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