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Aidan Bissett Interview

(Photo by Sidney Mazza)


Rapid-fire Questions

1. What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening to a ton of alternative indie and psychedelic rock. I’ve been getting into this band Djo a ton! And that Mac Demarco sound.

2. I heard a rumor that you’re doing the film score for The Boss Baby: Family Business. Would you like to address those rumors?

Hans Zimmer knocked on my door and asked me to sing one note to finish up his score and for some reason people are giving me all the credit!

3. First concert you ever attended?

It was a Wallows concert. It was one of their first shows they performed after releasing their first song “Pleaser.” It was in the basement of a hotel with about 75 people in attendance.

4. Make me cry.

Now why would I do that? (Honestly I’ve been trying to think about how to do that but I CAN'T FIGURE OUT WHAT TO SAY!)

5. What rapper do you think you could take in a rap battle?

Kid Cudi not because I would beat him, just because I want to meet him.

6. Which US president do you think would like your music the most?

President Theodore Roosevelt. I don’t know why, I just remember learning about him a lot in high school.

7. What cereal mascot could you beat in a fight?

The Cocoa Puffs bird. That bird was on all kinds of crazy stuff and I don’t think he feels pain.

8. What did you listen to growing up?

Lots of classic rock. My dad lived by classic rock when he grew up. His favorites are Pink Floyd and Queen, which were passed down to me.

9. What’s the worst piece of advice that you can give me?

Spread the green stuff you get when you order sushi all over your sushi. Trust me it’s so good.

10. If you had to start a band with 3 fictional characters who would you choose?

Dumbledor, Tyrion Lannister and Peter Parker


To start things off, can you introduce yourself?

(Photo by Sidney Mazza)

Hey, I’m Aidan Bisset! I’m 18 years old and I make music in my bedroom. I’m your everyday teenager. I love to act stupid with my friends, party, and watch movies!

You recently signed with Capitol Records at the age of 18! That's crazy. How does that feel?

Signing with Capitol Records was one of the most surreal experiences of my life. Never in a million years would I have thought that signing would have been realistic for me. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity and all the amazing people I have met. I truly was blessed with the team I get to work with. They are like family to me. It has been everything I dreamed of and more.

Did you expect to break into the music industry so quickly?

No not at all! I had this whole plan that I would go to college and then after college I would hopefully sign. Never did I think that I would sign this early, let alone with such an amazing label like Capitol.

Is getting signed to a label something that you had as a goal when you first started recording and putting out music?

I had this whole plan to hopefully sign to a label after college so when I got hit up in high school it was a huge surprise to me. I was always thinking that it probably wasn’t going to happen and to not count on it. So when it did I lost it.

What first sparked your interest in music and what has your musical journey looked like so far?

I have been playing guitar since I was in second grade, but writing music was never something I thought I would do until I moved to Florida my sophomore year of high school. I stopped playing football and I wanted to find something to put all my passion into. My passion ended up being redirected into music. I would spend countless hours in my room playing my guitar. I soon downloaded software to learn how to produce which was not easy in any sense. I would stay up to 3 am on school nights trying to figure out how to record. It was a constant grind, and even to this day it still is. Eventually, I started posting on TikTok and that's what really led to everything. I began marketing on all social media and after about five months Capitol took notice. Now it’s a real job which is the coolest thing ever. I get to do the thing I love every single day.

(Photo by Sidney Mazza)

What is the music community on TikTok like? Are people pretty supportive of each other?

The music community on TikTok has been amazing. Yes, there will always be haters, but for the most part it's a super supportive community that wants to see each other grow. Without the help of other artists on TikTok I wouldn’t be where I am today. In fact it was Blu DeTiger that got me connected to producers to help with my first few songs. She found me off TikTok helped me fulfill the vision I had for my music.

Was there a specific point where you realized that music was something you wanted to pursue as a career? At what point did you realize that was possible?

After redirecting my passion into music I knew that it was the path I wanted to take, but I didn’t realize it was realistic until I saw the response on social media and when Capitol reached out. It was a dream for so long and now it feels like it’s becoming a reality.

What is the most important thing for you when it comes to creating?

To not be so hard on myself. I have super high expectations that sometimes I feel like I can’t meet so I have to remember to chill out and have fun. Also, I have to remember to write songs for myself and not to please other people.

I read that the music video for Communication was actually the second attempt to record a video for that track. What happened the first time around?

That’s actually true! The original video we had planned out for weeks! It was with a bunch of my friends at the same house where the second one was filmed. There were a ton of moving parts and some crazy shots. We had no film crew, it was just me and my friend Sidney Mazza working behind the camera. Unfortunately after we wrapped, Sidney noticed when editing there was a brown streak across each shot. It seems that a hair had slipped in between the protective lense and actual lense of the camera, so we couldn’t use any of that film. That led us to go back to the house and re-shoot creating the video that we ended up releasing.

What does “success” look like to you as far as music goes?

As long as people are listening to the music I put out, I feel like that's success. It doesn’t matter how many people it could just be one. As long as I make a difference to that one person I’m happy.

What do you think has helped you grow the most as a musician/artist?

I think being able to work with a bunch of amazing artists and creators has helped me grow the most. When I get to see other artists who are more advanced, it allows me to learn and absorb things that they do. I really enjoy learning new things from other artists and applying those things into my own music. Collaboration is key!

Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

I’m dying to collaborate with Wallows, Coin, Tame Impala, and Role Model. THAT WOULD BE INSANE. Also Kid Cudi would be really cool too.

What is your favorite/coolest musical accomplishment so far?

I think having one of my songs get added to the Lorem playlist was one of the coolest moments. I’ve listened to that playlist religiously for a very long time, so seeing my own song on there was surreal.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully touring the world playing my music to as many people as possible. I am dying to tour. It would be so cool!

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

(Photo by Sidney Mazza)

MORE MUSIC, VIDEOS, SHOWS, and maybe I’ll get back into acting. That would be really fun.

Is there anything that you want for our readers to know?

I LOOOOOOVE MOVIES. I go to the theater every week. It’s my favorite part of the week. At one point in my life I wanted to be an actor and who knows maybe I will get to explore that again in the future.

To wrap things up, do you have any questions for me?

Who’s a good artist to listen to right now?

The only music I listen to anymore is the Boss Baby 2 soundtrack. You should check that out.


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