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Allison Ponthier on Shaking Hands With Elvis

(Photo by Julian Buchan)

Allison Ponthier is undoubtedly making a name for herself as a top singer-songwriter. During a recent press conference hosted by 1824 we got to know a bit more about Allison's latest EP, Shaking Hands With Elvis.

Born and raised in Allen, Tx (now based in NYC), the Interscope-signed artist has been been garnering attention ever since her 2021 EP, Faking My Own Death. Despite having only signed with Interscope back in 2020, Allison Ponthier can already boast about collaborating with artists such as Lord Huron and Adam Melchor, which is without a doubt a testament to her prodigious talent. Ponthier's songwriting does a great job of showcasing her country roots, her sincere vocals, and uncompromising lyrics.

With the release of her latest EP, Shaking Hands With Elvis, Ponthier gives listeners an inside look on her personal journey with palpably sincere songs like Hardcore and the title track, Shaking Hands With Elvis. Her EP Shaking Hands With Elvis is undoubtedly some of her most honest, heartfelt work to date.

“When I set out to write it, I didn’t know what the theme was going to be. I just write songs. I’m never like ‘I want to write a song for this’. It’s always about what feels best to write at that time. I think the best songs come from true feelings…”

". . . When I collected all these songs together that represented this period of my life, that I wanted to represent in the EP. I realized that the throughline was overcoming your own shortcomings or perceived weaknesses."

For Ponthier the EP isn't only self reflection or the cathartic feeling of writing about personal experiences. It is about the opportunity for growth and the courage to be open about your struggles, and faults.

"For me I would like for people to take away from this EP is that there is something interesting, fulfilling, and celebratory about talking about the things you struggle with or weaknesses or your own faults."

In her Allison's own words, "This EP is about screaming your weaknesses so loud, that they become your strengths." and Ponthier's vulnerable, honest songwriting invites us as listeners to do the same.


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