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Band To Watch: Dale

Chicago based band Dale released their latest project 'Psychedelic Wholesale' just in time for summer. The Windy City trio is composed of Justin Blanner, Parker Kaplan, and Lyle Luckett. Dale is without a doubt a band you want to keep an eye on. We recently got the chance to talk to the band about their latest work, life, and tax fraud. Check it out.


Rapid fire Questions

1. Best non-touristy place to visit in Chicago

The hole in the bridge off of Harrison and Michigan

2. Who would win in a fight? Lil Xan or Carl Gallagher?

Lil Xan always loses

3. What music have you guys been listening to lately?

Jerry Paper, Good Water, and the Monmouth College Fight Song.

4. Is the earth..


b.Thin crust

c.Chicago deep dish


It’s obviously round they proved that so long ago

5. What’s something embarrassing about another band member that they wouldn’t want you to share?

Lyle has irritable bowel syndrome

6. What is the last illegal thing you did? (I’m not a cop)

Tax Fraud

7. Am I a cop?

See question 7

8. Is it true that the Yodeling Walmart kid was once a part of your band, but then left to pursue a solo career?

It’s a fucked situation.

9. Least favorite Chicago rapper?

Nalpak Rekrap Redrum for sure.


BLM: Can you introduce yourself, and tell us a bit about the band?

Dale: Dale is comprised of Justin Blanner, Parker Kaplan, and Lyle Luckett. We are a Chicago based trio that started out playing jazz, but soon started to explore different sonic pallets.

BLM: What would you describe your kind of style or what you’re going for with all your music?

Dale: We would describe our sound as rock with improvisational tendencies. Right now we are playing what comes naturally to us, we expect to change and grow, so we don’t limit ourselves to one genre. However, we expect that improvisation will always play a role.

BLM: Talk to us a bit about your latest project ‘Psychedelic Wholesale’.

Dale: It was a brief change of perspective from our first album. It’s a little bit more laid back.

BLM: What was the recording process for that project like?

Dale: We had the opportunity to record it in a professional studio. The process went a lot smoother, and the production was a lot cleaner than our last project.

BLM: What’s your favorite lyric off the album?

Dale: “Colorado goodbye”

BLM: How is the music scene in chicago treating you guys so far?

Dale: Sweetly. We’ve been playing shows and recording a lot since we’ve been here. So far so good.

BLM: What are some of you long term goals as a band?

Dale: To live in the moment. Build up a 401k.

BLM: Are you guys working on any projects?

Dale: Yes. We’ve been in the studio recording demos these last couple weeks.

BLM: What do you want people to take away from your music?

Dale: Their ego

BLM: Who are your musical influences?

Dale: We take a lot of influence from Frank Zappa, Ween, Joe Henderson, and Herbie Hancock.

BLM: Is there anything that you’d like for everyone to know about Dale?

Dale: None of us are named Dale. We don’t know why everyone thinks our names are all Dale.

Listen to Dale here:



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