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Band To Watch | Hey, Lonely Planet

Have you ever thought to yourself "Man, I'm in the mood for some good Scottish Emo Punk from West Lothian"? Well, do I have the band for you. Hey, Lonely Planet formed a few years ago, but only started recording and releasing music late last year. The duo has a real knack for making fun, high energy songs. Hey, Lonely Planet is a very exciting band to watch. They make me feel young again. Also, they make me feel like I can pull off wearing Doc Martens. Do y'all think I can pull off Doc Martens? I'm buying a pair of Doc Martens.


Rapid-fire Questions

1.What have you been listening to lately?

Yoshimi battles the pink robots by the flaming lips, bastard by Tyler the creator, heccra, raccoon tour and hatsune miku

2. I’m trying to focus all my attention on one thing, so what’s cooler? Being able to do a kickflip, or being able to dunk a basketball?

Being able to kickflip, it is my proudest skill

3. If we were to start a band together, what would we be called?

"The real Emo only consist of," and we only do covers of 'never meant' by American football in various different time signatures

4. Roast me.

No we don’t waste our time roasting anyone, except Gary Spence and Kiss.

5. What band do you think you could beat up in a fight?

We reckon we could take Kiss, Five Finger Death Punch and both the Gallagher brothers all at the same time, backwards and blindfolded.

6. Are there any Juggalos in Scotland?

Indeed there are, what a delightful species they are.

7. Worst advice you can give someone that is thinking about starting a band?

Ensure you kill everyone you work with, there must be no survivors, no witnesses.

8. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

two drunk middle age men covering wonderwall acapella on the last train back from Edinburgh, gutted they broke up

9. What is the last thing you learned?

Cold, uncooked, tinned sardines is not a recommended meal.

10. Any local bands that you think we should check out?

No windows are a cool shoegaze-like band near us that are definitely worth checking out

Also we don’t know them personally but bratakus are another sick Scottish band


To start things off, can you introduce yourselves?

Salutations, we are GUIDE LINE’s very own hey, lonely planet. We’re an Emo band from Scotland that makes cool ass shit.

When did you first start playing/making music as Hey, Lonely Planet?

We started playing together a few years ago, but mainly started writing and releasing together late last year.

Were you involved in music before that?

Yeah, a few unfortunate solo projects that do exist in the ether somewhere.

Do you produce your own music as well?

Yes, everything HLP has out has been self recorded, produced, mixed and released.

What music did you listen to growing up?

Stone roses, green day, babes in toyland, Nirvana, Minor threat, Rush, my bloody Valentine, foo fighters, Lauryn hill and loads more.

Was there anything in particular that drew you to Emo/Punk?

DIY ethic a lot, musical styles, politics and like the general culture that that scene has, the whole “I don’t give a fuck” thing is sick in general, especially as a little kid, like that acceptance of being strange for any reason is super appealing.

Hey, Lonely Planet is such a cool name. How’d you come up with it?

We were walking down the street ecstatically as we, with great surprise, ran into a colossal planet. (Jupiter specifically) Almost instantly they asked how we were, to which we replied “pretty good yes, how about yourself” they then informed us of the overwhelming sense of Devastating loneliness they had been dealing with for so long, to which we exclaimed HEY to a person we noticed walking past whom we knew, revealing we had never really been listening. And thus a legacy was born.

What is the music scene in West Lothian like?

Not great, however we are pretty close to Glasgow and Edinburgh, both have pretty cool scenes with some sick bands.

What was the inspiration behind your latest single, “Ship in A Bottle”?

We were listening to a lot of like Joyce Manor when writing it and a lot of Hawthorne Heights and flowers taped to pens when recording it so the result is a kinda mix of that. Also with tie-ins to the rest of the next project we have coming

What is the most important thing to you when it comes to making a song?

Regardless of how the song comes out we think the song having a strong feeling is important, like whether you hate it or it pisses you off or you love it or it makes you sad. We want it to have a like visceral impact on folk who hear it, whether we achieve that is up for debate but that’s the most important aim I guess.

Who do you consider your musical and nonmusical influences?

Musical would be like bands like modern baseball, saetia, bikini kill, the front bottoms, beabadoobee, flowers taped to pens and like SOPHIE

But non-musical wise, we have a big Odd Future and like Tyler the creator influence in what we do, also like rocky horror picture show, Saw, the cornetto trilogy of films (Shaun of the dead etc), comedians like limmy and Daniel Sloss, Caitlin Moran (especially her book how to build a girl), David Carson, Jean-michel Basqiat, the ‘dirty girls’ docu

Ideally, who would you like to collaborate with?

Rodrick from diary of a wimpy kid and Motzart on one track together with a Kanye verse to spice it up

Have you had the opportunity to play any shows yet?

Nah not yet cause we started during covid (idk if u heard about it, shits wild) but we’re working on getting some coming up

You think you’ll ever do a tour in the states one day?

If we ever could or had an opportunity to we’d be there as soon as possible.

What has been the highlight of your musical careers so far?

getting 1000 streams in a week on our debut single was cool but it has to go to when we met Kanye and ended up making out with Drake, good guys you should defo check them out.

Never heard of either of them.

What has been the hardest part about pursuing music?

Probably getting any form of attention towards your band is always super hard. Also difficult living day to day with our level of unprecedented, unmatched, unrivalled, other synonyms artistic genius.

Ideally, what would Hey, Lonely planet be known for?

Being the ones to finally defeat Kiss, Gene Simmons, we’re coming for you, you’ve been warned.

What can we expect to see from you in the near future? ‘

We’ve got a mixtape on the way that we are really hyped on, so expect that in the soonish future with probably a few singles first, also GUIDE LINE has a load of shit on the way.

Is there anything that you want our readers to know?

Follow GUIDE LINE on Instagram @guide___line and check out our YouTube. HLP and the rest of GUIDE LINE have a load of tight ass content out and on its way.

Elise would like everyone to know that she is a sagittarius and Euan is an aries.

RIP Benny Harvey, miss you big man, gone but not forgotten


And to wrap things up, do you have any questions for me?

Elise wants to know ur star sign, also interested in any advice u have growing your platform whether on socials or elsewhere?

I am a Cancer. To society.

I don't think I've ever been asked a serious question before, and it caught me off guard. Honestly, I'm not the best when it comes to social media. I would say just try to be consistent, and have fun with it. I think people can tell when you genuinely enjoy what you do, and like getting to be a part of that. You make really fun music, this interview was really fun. Keep doing what you're doing!


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