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Flipturn Interview

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Flipturn.The band formed in 2015 in Fernandina Beach, Florida and has been making noise in the Florida indie scene ever since. Flipturn is composed of Dillon Basse on lead vocals and guitar, Tristan Duncan on lead guitar, Madeline Jarman on bass, Taylor Allen on keys and guitar, and Adrian Walker on drums. Check out our interview with the band!


Rapid-fire Questions

1. Who would win in a formal debate? The lady from the Popeyes Chicken commercials, or a literate cow?

Tristan: I’m glad you asked this. Honestly, it depends on the topic. We must first ask: How literate is this cow? Sixth graders are literate, but so was Stephen Hawking. If this cow was Stevie’s level, then it will be hands down in favor of the cow. Moving down the scale of literacy, I think the cow would have a fighting chance until it got down to maybe the reading level of the fictional character of Harry Potter, who apparently had a literacy level of knowing two spells in the whole damn series. I know I’m not giving much in favor of Mrs. Popeye, but I don’t think she’d do too well.

2. What have you been listening to lately?

Dillon: Been listening to a lot of The Maria’s lately.

Madeline: Bombay Bicycle Club! I’m super excited for their new album to come out.

3. Do you think there is really a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence? 

Adrian: This question is actually more relevant to our band than it should be. The National Treasure theme song goes through my head once a day, but in all seriousness… Yes, absolutely.

4. What would be your plan to steal the Declaration of Independence? 

Tristan: I’d assume we’d all have to separate into teams. One on lookout (Madeline), two in the van giving directions (Taylor and Dillon) and then two breaking in and carrying out the plan (Adrian and Tristan). I think if our plan was exactly the same as the movies. We’d execute it perfectly having watched the film back so many times and also nobody would ever expect someone to do exactly as the movie showed.

5. Can you write a song about Ray Romano?

Tristan: As long as we don’t acknowledge Everybody Loves Raymond at all and make it about Manny from Ice Age.

6. What is the worst piece of advice that you can give me?

FT: Lift with your back!

7. Last concert you went to?

Adrian: Vampire Weekend. Hands down one of the best performances and most talented musicians I’ve ever seen.

Madeline: I actually haven’t been to a concert in awhile… I think it was Hippo Campus in July. Always a solid show!

8. When is the last time you called your grandmother just to say hi?

Tristan: Today actually. She says hi.

9. What was the first album you ever bought with your own money?

Dillon: First album I ever bought with my own money was U2’s Joshua Tree

Madeline: Honestly, I’m pretty sure it was Jonas Brothers’ A Little Bit Longer. Such a classic.

10. How accurate is the film ‘Osmosis Jones’? I’m not that good at biology.

Tristan: Not sure but I can’t not say I think that little cartoon cells are what run my body… because that’s exactly what I think. Tbh I don’t want to know. I’d rather just keep that image in my mind every time I’m sick.


(Photo by Stefanie Keeler)

Isaac Gutierrez For Born Loser: To start off, can you introduce yourselves?

Madeline:Hey! I’m Madeline and I play the bass.

Tristan:I’m Tristan and I play the guitar.

Taylor: Hi, I’m Taylor and I play synth.

Adrian: I’m Adrian and I play the drums.

Dillon: I’m Dillon and I sing and play guitar.

How did you guys come together to form a band?

Dillon: Some of us have known each other since elementary school, but it wasn’t until high school when a meeting between Madeline and Tristan occurred at a local Starbucks where they talked about starting a band. We all knew of each other and our shared interest in music, so we began jamming together in Madeline’s garage and quickly became really passionate about what we were doing.

The first song of yours that I heard was ‘August’ and that was my favorite until I discovered the acoustic version just now. I’m weeping in the middle of this coffee shop right now. What is the story behind that song?

Dillon: August is based off a relationship I had in my life where things seemed to only work out in the month of August. In that month everything was perfect and seemed like it would last forever. Yet outside that one month everything would fall apart until ironically the next August. The song is supposed to reflect on how in life we come across people that at times are the closest people to us and know us better than anyone, then at another they become complete strangers.

You recently released your newest song ‘Eleanor’! I feel like I always get really nervous after I put something out into the world. Do you get nervous when releasing new tracks, or is it more of a relief when it’s all said and done?

Tristan: Honestly, it's a combination of both feelings. There's a sense of vulnerability that we all get upon release that has us appreciating the work we did, but also the never-ending linger of “what if?”

How do you know when a song or album is “ready” to be shared with the world?

Tristan: Whenever we can enjoy listening to it on our own. Sometimes, it never gets past that filter.

Is there a particular track that you really connect with?

Madeline: A particular track of ours that I really connect with personally is “Eleanor”. The meaning behind it was inspired by very real feelings that I go through and I believe everyone else in the band goes through everyday. While it calls for the listener to face and conquer their self doubt, it especially does so for the band as a whole.” - Dillon 

“I agree. Those are feelings that I can definitely relate to, and this song pins down those emotions.

Is there anything that you want your listeners to take away from your music? 

Dillon: We really hope that our listeners are able to relate to our songs. Our favorite part about performing our songs is when people sing the lyrics back to us. These songs are written from personal experience and inspiration, but they are also meant for others to interpret for themselves.

(Photo by Stefanie Keeler)

What has been your favorite show experience so far?

Adrian: Okeechobee was incredible, but the show we just had in Gainesville on August 31st is my favorite recent show. “Eleanor” came out the day before and a good portion of the crowd already knew the lyrics. The crowd participation provided this amazing energy that helped fuel our performance throughout the whole show.

Madeline: Hometown shows are always a blast! That Gainesville show was incredible. It was supposed to be rainy and awful outside due to Hurricane Dorian, but the weather held up and the crowd was amazing.

Is there anything you guys like to check out or explore in each city when you’re on tour?

Tristan: We really like to research a city extensively for the things that make the city what it is. We haven't really seen much in the grand scheme of things, but seeing the culture and history of a place is truly inspiring.

Madeline: I always turn to Yelp to look up good places to eat in the city. Taylor and I love to get pho and soup dumplings whenever possible.

If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

Dillon: I’d love to collaborate with Paul Simon personally. I think he is one of the most creative songwriters there has ever been.

Madeline: I would love to collaborate with someone like Lizzo. She is killing it right now.

What do you like to do when you’re not making music or on the road?

Tristan: Usually an intense discussion of MCU and Star Wars conspiracy theories… also eating allll of the good food nearby.

Madeline: Taylor and I are huge fans of the Bachelor franchise, so right now our current obsession is following Bachelor in Paradise.

What are you currently working on?

Madeline: We’re working on tightening up some demos and writing new music.

(Photo by Stefanie Keeler)

What can we expect from flipturn in the future?

Madeline: More music and touring!


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