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Hate Drugs Interview

Hate Drugs is a 5 piece band based out of Bakersfield, California. I first heard of the band when their song "Never Wanna Leave" popped up on my Spotify Discovery playlist a couple of years ago. The band is composed of David Caploe (lead vocals/ guitar), Josiah Caploe (keyboards), Adrian Diaz (drums), John Irwin IV (bass), and Norman Lee (lead guitar). The band recently released 'Tsunami Soul I', their second installment of their Tsunami Soul saga, as well as a compilation of unreleased songs called"2014". We recently had the opportunity to talk to the band about their music, life, and Agent Cody Banks. Check it out!


Rapid-fire Questions

1. Who would win in a fight? Agent Cody Banks, OR  Malcolm from Malcolm In The Middle + Reece and Dewey?

Definitely the Malcolm in the middle boys, they may be less sophisticated, but they’re scrappy.

2. Speaking of agents. Do you need an agent? I have no experience, but it would look good on my resume. 

We are currently agent less but we have a lot of people looking out for us haha you can help!

3. What is the worst piece of life advice that you can give me?

Do meth

4. What have you been listening to lately?

Video Age is a cool band that I was introduced to recently. I’ve been listening to them and I’ve been re- listening to a lot of old Radiohead stuff.

5. David, you and I have similar mustache shapes. Any advice on mustaches?

Keep it out of the mouth, unless you’re into hairy bites of food.

6. Can you guys write a song about Ray Romano?

We already did.

7. Wanna grab some pizza next time you’re in Dallas?

Absolutely. We can go to that spot by dada with the phat slices.

(Serious Pizza, sponsor me)

8. Can y’all buy me a Justin Timberlake marionette puppet for Christmas? 

Too spensive.

9. On of scale of 1-10, what would you rate this interview so far?

We’re off to a good start. I would say a solid 7.38.

10. Can you add me to y’alls band group text?

Yeah, but you’re gonna hate it haha


Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser Magazine: Can you introduce yourselves for those who may not be familiar with Hate Drugs?

David Caploe of Hate Drugs: Hi my name is David Caploe, Josiah Caploe, Adrian Díaz, John Irwin IV, and Norman Lee, and we are HATE DRUGS. 

BL: How did Hate Drugs come together?

HD: We accidentally all dated the same girl at the same time. Funny part was, she ended up breaking up with all of us.

BL: At what point did you go from just jamming, to realizing that music was something that you really wanted to pursue?

HD: We all loved music so much and I think that the more we did it the more we realized that we didn’t really see ourselves not doing it?

BL: What was it like coming up in the Bakersfield music scene?

HD: Bakersfield is a really interesting place in that it’s not a very interesting place. We’ve had waves of different music pop up in bako and the scene has changed so much. So we’ve kind of just done our own thing, while still trying to be present.

BL: You’ve mentioned in previous interviews about having a good support system and community in Bakersfield. Would you say that the music scene is also pretty supportive?

HD: The music scene has been pretty supportive, but it’s also changed so much since we started 5 years ago. Most of the bands that we started with aren’t around anymore.

BL: I feel like a lot of people talk about the fun, glamorous side of being in a band, but what has been the most difficult thing about being in a band?

HD: The hardest part about being in a band that you take seriously is probably trying to get people to take what you’re doing seriously and see that what your doing is a lot of work. There are so many stigmas that follow being in a band.

BL: I don’t know why, but van life fascinates me. Do you have any van rules?

HD: Always have a copilot. Oh, and roll down a window if you rip. 

BL: Who farts the most in the van?

HD: Joey

BL: This one time my friend Taylor and I drove 13 hours from Little Rock to Albuquerque  all without really stopping and by the end of it we were two stinky boys. Any advice on not being stinky on long car rides?

HD: Baby wipes. Also just don’t move around too much or get excited about anything.

BL: I know tour can be exhausting. Is there anything you guys do before every show to get the energy flowing before you take the stage? 

HD: We do a couple vocal warm ups and a classic “Let’s Get Tropical”.

BL: How important is it for you guys to have fun and enjoy what you're doing on stage on stage?

HD: Probably just as important as playing the music right, maybe more.

BL: This question is for Adrian. Nobody else read this.




Adrian, in your tiny desk submission you wear a Cowboy Bebop shirt. In a live session that I saw you wear a vintage LA Galaxy jersey. You just have the coolest vintage soccer jersey collection. Can we be friends? That’s it. That's the question. 

Adrian: Yeth pleath ;) 

BL: Talk to us a bit about your latest release “2014”

HD: That release is super special because all 4 of those songs are from our first year of being a band. Take a wild guess when the band started…They are a collection of old songs with a new touch.

BL: Is it exciting to be able to share the songs that have been in the vault for a while?

HD: It’s s awesome. Especially for the day ones that went to so many early shows and fell in love with the band because of those songs.

BL: Which of those songs came closest to making it on an album?

HD: Hmmm probably “She Called”

BL: What are your goals for next year?

HD: Lots of touring and new music!

BL: What does “success” look like to you as far as music goes?

HD: Longevity. It’s all we really want to do.

BL: Is there anything that you’ve learned along the way that you’d like to share with bands that are just starting out?

HD: Be persistent, have thick skin, and love each other. 

BL: What are you currently working on?

HD: Tons of new BOPS

BL: What can we expect to see from you guys in the near future?

HD: New tunage ;)

BL: And to wrap things up, on a scale of 1-10 what would you rate this interview NOW?

HD: 8.91


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