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Jonathan Something Interview

(Photo by Michael Boyle)


Rapid-fire Questions

1. What have you been listening to lately?

2. Can you name a time one of the characters from Family Guy went Beast Mode?

Literally every episode

3. I told a girl that I could dunk a basketball, but I have a 5 inch vertical. Can you train me to dunk a basketball?

At least it’s not 5 inches horizontal

4. Favorite comedy podcasts?

None for me thanks, i’m full

5. Is the rabbit from the Trix cereal commercials the same one from the Trix yogurt commercials, or are they brothers?

They’re brothers and lovers

6. Do you think Ska is ever going to make a comeback?


7. Can you PLEASE do a cover of Believe by Cher? I always ask this but nobody ever does it.

Already have

8. Did you know there’s an author named John Searless and also a minor league baseball player with the same name? I found him while doing research for this interview.

Yea i did they’re my dad

9. Make me cry.

You suck and you’re ugly hair

10. Any local artists that you think everyone should check out?

Ariana Grande, Little Gaga, Beyonces


Isaac Gutierrez for BL Mag: To start things off, can you introduce yourself and give us some of your musical background?

(Photo by Michael Boyle)

Jon Searles (Jonathan Something): I’m jon. I used to make a lot of music and now I make music less but still a little bit. I studied music production at berklee but then graduated and said I don’t think I really want to do this for money.

When first sparked your interest in music?

(This is from Guitar Hero 2 the better version because it features "Possum Kingdom" by Toadies

Guitar Hero 1

Is there anything in particular that made you want to pursue a career in music?

I found the world very alluring when I was younger and it was all I really wanted to do for a good part of my life.

I’m listening to your latest EP, “Lover Man”, as I’m typing this and I think I reached enlightenment in the middle of this coffee shop. I started to levitate and my eyes began to glow bright yellow and everybody ran out. Can you talk to us about the writing/recording process and the inspirations behind the album?

I appreciate it but also u should get that checked out. I guess the main process/inspiration was getting back into ableton/making electronic music after not touching that world for a while.

Did you create each song specifically for this album, or was this a mixture of previously written songs that you compiled into an EP?

Lamborghini/Catlick were songs I had laying around for a while but never liked what i recorded and Lover Man I wrote maybe a year and a half ago. Sorta hadn’t been making music for a while and decided it was time I finished/put something out.

In your 2018 interview with B-Sides and Badlands you said:

“I knew it was important to find “myself” in my songwriting, not just find my “sound.”

I think that quote makes a lot of sense. Throughout your discography and even throughout this EP there isn’t one particular sound, yet all of it sounds like a “Jonathan Something Song.” What was the process of finding yourself in your songwriting like?

It’s sort of an ongoing process I suppose. I kinda gave up on being an “artist” and making anything cohesive/having any sort of expected sound. I kinda just wanna be a guy on the internet doing what he feels like.

I’ve been listening to the EP on repeat for weeks. There are so many layers to everything. Do you have a specific idea before recording of what you want a song to sound like? Do you go back and listen to a song and notice where you can add something. What is your thought process when recording/writing?

Mmm not as specific of an idea as I used to have preemptively going into the recording process. There truthfully isn’t much of a process these days. I'm kind of just messing around here and there when I can find the energy.

(Photo by Michael Boyle)

Like I mentioned before, your music is so diverse so I’m assuming you have a lot of musical inspirations. BUT are there any newer artists that you think are doing anything really interesting in music right now?

TDJ, Kaizo Slumber, Chase Cegile, Nourished By Time, James Ferraro

You toured with Peter Bjorn and John back in 2019?? What was that like?

It was awesome they were cool swedes

Any plans to tour anytime soon?

Mmmm probably not I won’t lie

Where do you normally find inspiration?

Seeing interesting, wondrous things in everyday life that make me feel happy/sad at the same time

Any parting words of wisdom for our readers?

Just keep doin it good and when u feel it then you know it’s gonna be another one again for around another time and don’t forget the ones you remember to love forever.

To wrap things up, do you have any questions for me?

(Photo by Michael Boyle)

Yea what happens when we die?

Our loved ones miss us.


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