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Junkie Interview

(Photo by Rachel Okalani)

One of my favorite bands, Junkie, finally followed me back on Twitter a couple of months ago. I immediately lost it, but tried to act cool about it. I reached out to the San Antonio band (Go Spurs Go) about doing an interview, and they were the coolest dudes.They were one of the first bands that I wanted to interview when I first started doing this, and 2 years later it came to be. I'm really excited about this one. Now we're best friends. I have surgery this weekend, and they're my emergency contact. It literally just says "Junkie" on my paperwork. Check out the interview.


1.What have you been listening to lately?

Mark: A lot of beach goons and spirit ghost and my playlist i made full of different songs lol

Daniel: I’ve been listening to bos Angeles, Vicente Fernández, Dominic Fike, all of Pharrell William’s projects, and anything with Andre 3000. Idk my music is all over the place tbh, also I’ve been on this whole “sad boy” mood lately:(

James: Been kinda jammin some more Kanye as of recently, dudes smart as hell with his delivery, and Ramones too lmao

2. Would you ever consider writing a song about Coach pop?

Mark: haha no

Daniel: I don’t think he would even give a fuck. Yeah it’s a no from me, chief

James: Yea pop fr don’t care he’d probably make a good punk song if he tried but miss me w that one hahah

3. What was the first concert you remember going to?

Daniel: lmao Mark’s band. It was like love at first sight. I’m joking but I do love both James and  Mark.

James: First concert was kiss in like the 4th grade haha my pops put me on some rock n roll all night shit \m/

Mark: 3rd grade social distortion baby!!!!! shout out the padres for that

4. Any other SA bands we should listen to?

James: 80’s blond if you wanna turn up

Daniel: FRITOGANG! They just dropped a new project, you should check it out.

Mark: oooOoohh listen to mr pidge we luv them!!!!

5. Who would win in a fight? The Ramones after a great show, or Shrek after he drinks the potion that makes him turn human in Shrek 2?

James: shrek…… has no chance

Mark: lmao these questions!!! that's debatable

Daniel: lmao. Uhhhh...the ramones. I heard those mother fuckers had super human strength after playing a kick ass gig. I have this theory about the ramones being human blood suckers that drain the energy from the crowds, that’s how they play so damn fast.

6. When is the last time you cried?

Daniel: Probably like a week or two ago if I’m being honest. I really need to stop listening to sad music all the time.

James: (His answer was an Endgame spoiler. I have yet to see the movie, and now I'm sad. I'd be upset, but James is making up for it by giving the world amazing music)

Mark: I can't even remember, honestly.

7. Best tacos in SA?

James: Rolandos tacos on shasta rd only cus they’re super tacos

Daniel: Taquitos on west ave!!! IF YOU KNOW YOU KNOW!

Mark: You already know taqueria jalisco on bandera road

8. My friend Taylor is writing a book. What advice can you give him to help him stay motivated and focused?

Mark: Don't force the work out of you super important to always make sure youre happy with the creativity you're putting out and do the things you need to help you stay focused, comfortable and on track no matter how long it takes.

James: I'd say to explore all depths of your mind and staying open to all perspectives when writing but to also be unapologetic when making your points. You’re an individual and you’ll strive with individual thoughts!

Daniel: Seems very subjective, but what works for me is to keep all distractions away and make sure you’re comfortable in your surroundings. I feel like your settings play a huge role when it comes to your creativity. But honestly I like Mark’s advice, don’t ever forget about your happiness.

9. What music did you grow up listening to?


Mark: A lot of punk and alternative, but kind of everything

Daniel: eeeee, 90’s grunge, 90’s hip hop/r&b, alternative, and 2000’s pop/indie

10. What band do you think you could beat in a game of basketball?

James: All of em!! meet me up @ secret park!! I’m shirts tho lmao

Daniel: lmao idk any band that’s shorter than 5’6”

Mark: lol I'd probably lose to everyone


Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser Magazine: I want to start off by saying thank you. You’ve been one of the bands that I’ve wanted to interview ever since I first started this, so I’m really excited. Thank you so much! Can you introduce yourselves?

Mark: Thank you so much for taking the time and having this energy for us!!! means a lot!!!! <3 Also, I'm mark aka Kram. I play guitar and sing.

James: Thanks for reaching out haha i love the opening questions! I'm James,and I play drums.

Daniel: d’awww. Thank you. My name is Daniel and I slap da bass.

BLM: I read in a previous interview that you have known eachother since high school. Which band member was the most annoying back then?

Mark: lmao i think we were all pretty fkn annoying back then those endless nights and days we’d f*** around too much hahahahah

Daniel: lmao. Yeah I agree with mark we were all pretty wild back then.

James: yea straight up these foos play too much haha we were all necios

BLM: How did you come together and decide to form a band?

Mark: Me and James were already playing music together prior to junkie and we were basically all homies who formed a clique in highschool and Daniel is a huge music sd card  so he picked up bass for us and it was just super easy it all came together pretty smooth. Our homie Nick just recently joined the band too and he's so cool yall will be seeing him a lot more.

Daniel: What mark said… from my perspective I would go to Mark and James band practice every other week. I pretty much saw the development of mark making junkie. I remember Mark and James showing me the song “bowls” they played it for me and I remember thinking “I like this a lot” so when mark asked me to join the band I had no hesitation.

James: I’ve always loved music and the thought of being a band on stage since i was a little kid, so i was always pushing for a band throughout middle school. Mark and I actually went to the same middle school, and I knew he was in a band so when it turned out he needed a drummer I was all in and the rest came about through jammin together.

BLM: Was there a specific moment when you realized that you wanted to pursue music?

James: My fate was predetermined I feel like because my dad has been playing music since he was 12 and i had my first drum set when i was 2 haha. I always kinda knew… even before I knew lol.

Mark: Always knew when i got my first cherry red first act strat guitar for Christmas.

Daniel: No, it kinda just happened for me, at least on my end.

BLM: It’s been a while since you’ve released an album, but I read in an interview that you’re releasing a new album this year called 'Fast Times'. Can you talk to us a bit about the upcoming album?

James: Yea it’s been three years!!! I can’t even believe that haha but yea this July we finally get to follow up w/e with a super fast pace jammy album we’re all excited for!!

Mark: Expect a single soon like maybe next week and an album this july/aug 2019!

Daniel: Yeah for the longest time I didn’t believe we were gonna release this album I kinda still don’t believe it. But yeah it’s happening July 2019… finally… I think...

BLM: Any song or songs in particular that you’re excited for everyone to listen to?

Mark: omg yes!!!! all of them like for real but a lil more for fast times.

Daniel: Yeah all the songs from the new album, I’m really excited for them to come to life on stage and for everyone to hear them finally. I don’t want to give out the song titles.

James: yea sounds cliche, but all of these songs got me super excited!!

BLM: How does the album differ from your previous work?

Mark: We worked on it together and feel like we definitely matured a bit in songwriting and sound. Cant wait for people to hear!!! This album is fast and hard imo

Daniel: This album felt different when we were writing and recording it, mostly because it was written and extended in different times as far as location, mental state, and different experiences that we were all going through vs the first album felt more prepubescent like “we had just jumped into this music shit”

James: yea what Mark and Daniel said are on point, we worked on it and recorded both in  San Antonio and California. We learned a lot in our years of traveling and meeting new friends, and fast times really captures the last three years perfectly.

BLM: What do you like to do when you’re not touring or working on music?

James: I play 2k like a mad man haha i’m real into the nba especially now that the playoffs or going on and been going to a bunch of parks recently just spending some time outside

Mark: I play minecraft with my girlfriend or play with lil kermy (my cat) or plant some plants or hang out with with my family I luv them.

Daniel: Currently binge watching Game of Thrones.

BLM: What does a typical day of tour life look like?

James: Trying to freaking SLEEP while these foos talk mess to me abt idek what lmao and trying to find some cheap food before the rock show and meet new friends:-)

Mark: Talk mess to each other all day then get real deep in the feels for a quick second you know let it all out and then play the gig and rock out

Daniel: Yeah pretty much just a bunch of friendship bonding in a close compact car, a lot of banter, and excitement to arrive at the next show.

BLM: What has been your favorite show so far?

(Photo by (Rachel Okalani)

James: theres fr too many amazing shows for me to pick one, each show just seems to top the last one and they’re all my faves

Mark: cant pinpoint that answer but weve played so many amazing shows all over and im so grateful I've even gotten the chance to play with and work with so many amazing human beings.

Daniel: I couldn’t really pick “its like asking your parents who their favorite child is”

BLM: What is your favorite song to play live?

James: luv died cus it’s so fast hah

Mark: luv died

Daniel: Recently, “luv died”

BLM: What has been the best advice you’ve gotten, or the most important thing that you’ve learned as far as pursuing music goes?

Mark: The more you push the more you tend to get back out of it its not easy but its worth it and I'm grateful for all I've gotten to do.

James: My pops always tells me as long as we stick together we’ll be fine, have each other’s backs and always push for the better of each other.

Daniel: Always to remain resilient and to never overwhelm yourself over minor things also to take it day by day.

BLM: What can we expect to see from Junkie in the near future?

Mark: A new album a vinyl bigger shows new merch and our name on marquees ::::)


James: New album, new shows, new new new new!


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