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Meet The Music: Field Medic

Field Medic is a singer-songwriter based out of San Francisco. Evoking both the plain and ethereal, the name is the moniker Kevin Patrick has used to release their brand of lo-fi bedroom folk, which like the nomenclature, marries the mundane with the day-dreamy to talk about everyday subjects, while being underpinned by honeyed alt-folk musicianship. Since being conceived in 2014, Field Medic has blossomed into their own unique voice and sound. Field Medic recently released their studio album “Songs From The Sunroom” earlier this year. We recently had the opportunity to talk to Kevin to learn more about what makes Field Medic tick...

Rapid Fire Questions

1.East Coast Rap, or West Coast?

My favorite rapper & one of my early idols is 2pac, so I’d have to say west coast. That being said I also dig Biggie & Nas. My favorite modern rapper is Future so i’m also into the ATL scene.

2.What rapper are you positive that you could beat in a rap battle?

Probably none… I like to think i’m good at freestyle rapping, but every time I get drunk & challenge somebody who’s actually good, I generally get destroyed. Hahaha

3. Do you think you could impress Shania Twain?

I think we could have a good time passing the song back & forth sharing songs.

4. Opinion on Post Malone?

I think posty is cool… I like some of his tracks & think it’s cool that he blew up doing whatever he wants & still seems to keep it chill. I like that he reps Thy Art is Murder. Respect.

5. What advice would you give Jason Mraz on his hats?

He changed hats forever… I’d say keep at it.

6. What have you been listening to lately that you’d recommend?

Jodi, Special Explosion, Songs:Ohia, Julie Byrne, The Blue Nile

7. Can you do a cover of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA and post it on youtube?

I don’t think i could play those chords & sing those notes.

8. My friend Taylor has a Birthday coming up. I bet he thinks that I forgot. (I didn’t forget, Taylor) Can you give him a piece of advice?

Destroy your smart phone if it isn’t necessary for business… Make time to read & go for walks. Never compare yourself to others… wear sunscreen if you’re fair skinned. Be nice to yourself. … happy birthday

9. How was your Christmas?

It was nice, visited gma & got some socks. Hung with my mom & my brother & my very old cat named Slinky.

10. I missed your recent show in Dallas, because I’m a jabroni. Next time you’re in town wanna hang, and grab pizza?

I’m down.

Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser: To Start things off, can you introduce yourself for those who may not be familiar with you yet?

Field Medic: My name is Field… I need to stay busy or I get spooked out.

So I’m going to try to take a guess as to where the name “Field Medic” comes from, and you tell me if I’m right or wrong.

When you were a kid, your father was a corn farmer in Iowa. One evening, your dad was tending to the corn field, and that’s when he heard it for the first time. The voice. Whispering “if you build it, he will come.” Despite taunts of lunacy, your father felt the need to act. Your father built a baseball diamond on his land. When he was done making the field, the ghosts of the 1919 Chicago White Sox emerged from the corn field to play on that baseball diamond. Naturally, they needed a field medic in case any of the players were injured during the game. And that is where you got the name Field Medic.

Field Medic: This is pretty accurate.

BL: Without a doubt, you are the fashion king. What fashion advice would you give me?

Field Medic: Only buy clothes from thrift stores… take time to dig to find rare items. They have the spirit of their last wearer in them, so they’ll power you up.

BL: You were recently in Texas. How was your time here?

Field Medic: I loved it. Everyone in TX was really sweet & the shows were amazing. It was snowing in Austin which was a really cool experience. Can’t wait to go back.

BL: What instruments do you play?

Field Medic: I play guitar, banjo, & harmonica. I like to play bass & drum machines on my recordings, but I just fiddle on those. Guitar is my favorite.

BL: You recently joined Run For Cover records. What has that experience been like? Field Medic: It’s awesome. I feel lucky to work with such chill people.

BL: Can you talk to us about your latest album “Songs from the Sunroom” ?

Field Medic: Songs from the Sunroom is a collection of all my favorite songs I recorded for previous EP’s & albums all mashed together. More of a compilation than an album. It was all stuff I recorded when I was living in a sunroom in a house in san francisco for 5 years. Some of it was recorded in the kitchen & the basement as well. ‘Powerful Love’ was recorded in the living room. I had PJ’s on.

BL: My personal favorite track on the album is “ OTL” are there any cool facts behind that song?

Field Medic: That song is interesting to me because it was originally slated to be on ‘Fulltime Freetyle mixtape vol. 1” which is a series I have where i just press record & make songs up off the top of my head & release them. I came home from walking around SF all day one night & wrote down everything I did on this giant piece of cardboard, then recorded a super lo-fi version of the track that night. I didn’t think it was going to be a song that a lot of people connected with, but the first time I played it live everyone was singing along before the song was over, so that’s why I re-recorded it & put it out officially.

BL: What made you get into folk?

The first song I learned how to play on guitar was “collide” by Howie Day. I always liked acoustic music best. When I heard Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchell & heard how much they could fit into a song & how great a song could be with just acoustic guitar & voice I decided that’s what I wanted to do. I also love to read & write poetry so I just take poems & put them to chords now.

BL: Can you tell me about your boombox?

Field Medic: My boombox is my bandmate.

BL: You’re taking a break from the Web for a while starting 2018. What do you want to accomplish with all of that extra time?

Field Medic: Gotta finish recording the new album & read hella books.

BL: Can we be pen pals?

Field Medic: Once i have an address...

BL: When it comes to making music, what is the most important thing for you?

Field Medic: Lyrics are the most important part, the feel.

BL: What is your songwriting process like? Do you have your listeners in mind when you're writing?

Field Medic: I just start singing whatever it was that I wrote down over the past few days. I’d say it’s more personal.

BL: When do you know that a song is “ready”?

Field Medic: Whenever I listen back & feel like the feeling is getting across... I don’t tend to revise songs too much so a lot of times the song is ready as soon as I finish writing the last line.

BL: What were you doing before music?

Field Medic: I’ve been doing music for almost 10 years now, but until a year ago I worked at a Peets coffee for 5 years three days a week in between playing music.

BL: I read somewhere that you were a figure skater as a kid? Can you talk to us about that? Field Medic: When I lived in Nebraska my mother was a figure skater so naturally she signed me up. I skated for 3 or 4 years. It was really nice. I have many fond memories of the friends I made & spending all day at the rink. I don’t think I was half bad either… there’s definitely some VHS-C footage of me at competitions i’m dying to find. When I moved to california I decided I wanted to be an aggressive inline skater instead so I quit figure skating.

BL: Can you talk to us about “Hella Haikus” ?

Field Medic: Hella Haikus is a series i started a few years ago, just a place to put all my haiku that didn’t turn into songs. It’s really relaxing to make the tiny books. One of my favorite things to do.

BL: Where can we get a copy?

BL: I love the dog howl that's in a few of your songs, how did that work its way into your songs? What's the story behind that?

Field Medic: I’m not quite sure… I just like to howl. :)

BL: Who are you musical influences?

Field Medic: Bob d, joni mitchell, townes van zandt, fionn regan, the tallest man on earth, john prine

BL: Do you have a favorite show or venue?

Field Medic: Tie between Austin, Houston, & the Fonda in LA… all of those shows had me smiling like a maniac when they were done.

BL: What is your worst onstage moment?

Field Medic: I showed up to a show at the Constellation room in San Diego 10 minutes before i was supposed to play, then broke a string on stage. It shook me to my core, but it was chill.

BL: Is there a song that you enjoy performing the most?

Field Medic: I like to play Do a Little Dope a lot… it’s fun.

BL: What do you like to do for fun when you’re on tour?

Field Medic: I like to film stuff. Make tiny movies. Walk around & smoke & wonder where I am. Take naps.

BL: I noticed that you use older cameras to film your videos. I love it, it makes it feel unique. Almost like a home movie. Where did that idea come from?

Field Medic: They are very cheap… $40-$60 on craigslist. I have broken 5 now & am never too bummed. I also didn’t have a computer for a very long time, & when I did finally get one it was a 2008 jumbo mac so these lo-fi vids don’t make the computer explode. Plus, much like the reason I like to record to cassette because of how it sounds, I like making videos on VHS cuz i like the way it looks.

BL: What does “success” look like to you as far as your music?

Field Medic: I have this fantasy of renting an apartment or a room soley off of money made from music. I’ve been crashing at my friend/girlfriend’s house for the past year so my success goal for now is being able to afford my own place.

BL: I have to know, because it’s been bothering me for months. What are p e g a s u s t h o t z ?

Field Medic: p e g a s u s t h o t z are when you’re feeling hella chill… flying free.

BL: What advice would you give someone trying to pursue a career in any art form?

Field Medic: Just do what feels good… never compare yourself to anyone. Don’t doubt yourself. Just finish stuff & start putting it out.

BL: And to wrap things up, what are you working on now, and what can we expect to see from Field Medic in the future?

Field Medic: Recording a new LP & a new poetry collection… expect many videos & tiny books, & maybe a secret EP here & there.

Listen to some sweet, sweet tunes here:

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