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Meet the Music: Infinity Crush

Infinity Crush (Caroline White) is a singer-songwriter from Maryland (Now based in Wilmington, NC).With raw, sincere lyrics paired with hauntingly beautiful melodies, Infinity Crush is able to craft extremely relatable, intimate songs. Infinity Crush has a gift for capturing uncertainty,grief,and life,while simultaneously searching for beauty in everything.We recently had the opportunity to talk to Caroline about music, The Rugrats, and my student debt.

Rapid Fire Questions

1. Which is better? Politics or a pile of ticks?

ticks by a lot.

2. Does Tiffany & Co. make toe rings?

any ring can be a toe ring if you want it to be enough. im into the idea of an engagement toe ring.

3. Remember that episode of Rugrats where Chuckie’s parents open up that coffee shop? That was dope.

If i'm being honest i dont remember that at all

4. My friend Taylor has an unhealthy obsession with coleslaw. He even insists that we call him “Slaw boy” do you have any advice for him?

i support him and hope he doesn't get scurvy.

5. Can you PLEASE do a cover of Dancing Queen and post it on youtube?

anything for my fans

6. I recently decided to grow a mustache. In your opinion, which celebrity has the greatest mustache?

i recently came around to mustaches. also, derrick brandon.

7. If I Ignore my student loans, will they just go away eventually?


8. What have you been listening to lately?

the song wild horses by prefab sprout 700 times a day. that's almost exclusively it.

9. Your Twitter is comedy gold. How do you do it?

i spend most of my time alone so honestly i'm just trying to make myself laugh

10. How do I get my family to stop asking me about when I’m getting married?

get married Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser.: Tell us everything that there is to know about Infinity Crush.

Caroline White of Infinity Crush: i'm from laurel, maryland. i was born february 9th and it was snowing. i have two older sisters and they're really smart. i live in wilmington, north carolina now. i think that's all the important stuff.

Isaac: I’m going to try to guess how the name “Infinity Crush” came to be, and you tell me how close I am to the actual story.

When you were a child your parents took you to see the film “Toy Story” in theaters. The first time Buzz Lightyear showed up, you weren’t impressed. “What a jerk” you thought. The fact that Buzz came out of nowhere and stole Woody’s spotlight angered you. Then he said it. Those four words swam from his beautifully computer animated lips to your ears, and flooded your chest . “To infinity and Beyond” It was at that moment that you realized that you had an infinity crush on Buzz/Tim Allen.

Caroline: that's pretty close. there's no real 'story' i guess, i just thought it was a kind of cute and funny name. i don't love it now, but it's not bad enough to change either so i'm just living with my choice. hanging out. chilling.

Isaac: I did some research (Stalked you on twitter) and found out that you also write poetry. Can you tell us about that? Where can we find it?

Caroline: i love poems!!!!!!!! i started writing a few years ago and it helped me express a lot of stuff i couldn't formerly verbalize which is... maybe ironic because it's a medium that entirely relies on language. i'm not particularly prolific but it's something i enjoy a lot. they're kind of all over the place, but i post some of them here: and also occasionally on twitter and instagram.

Isaac: What are the main differences and similarities between songwriting and poetry?

Caroline: they're both like puzzles and take a lot of shifting and reorienting to make things fit. not to get too abstract but i think of poems working horizontally and songs working vertically. poems expand like endless plains. they grow in a way where they're opening up; i think that's the nature of being able to do anything with language, tied down to no structure. songs build on top of themselves, like snow cumulating. there is more required structure -- a foundation needed.

Isaac: You pour a lot of yourself and personal experiences into your lyrics. Is it a scary feeling wondering if your listeners will be able to connect to your lyrics or not? Has that gotten easier the longer you’ve written?

Caroline: i try not to think about listenership too much, i think it can be a dangerous hole to climb down because of how wildly different everyone interprets things. i do love hearing when people connect to my songs though. i feel a little exposed sometimes, but with that comes the reward of feeling understood. i think the only hard part about it really is sometimes being in the position where i'm in front of 50+ year olds singing about getting head.

Isaac: I think that your writing is really great. What advice would you give to anyone who is attempting to write songs or poetry for the first time?

Caroline: hey THANKS!!! i guess the only advice i have is just to make what you want to make and not worry about how people will feel about it. that's cliche advice but it's true! if it's bad, just keep going. i write 1,000,000 horrible songs and poems that i just keep to myself. you just have to exorcise the stupid and shitty stuff out so you can get to the good stuff.

Isaac: Talk to us about your Warmth Equation. How is this different from anything that you’ve previously done?

Caroline: i think it's the mark of me being like "wait, i can do music. i want this to be my job" instead of just treating it like a hobby. i'm not there yet, but the album kind of feels like the turning point. also i like…..used some mics.

Isaac: Who would you consider your musical influences?

Caroline: there are so many. probably mostly just my friends though. i like bouncing ideas off of people. this is a vague answer because i'm just in the mood!!!!!

Isaac: If you could tour with anyone, who would you tour with?

Caroline: elvis depressedly and britney spears.

Isaac: Do you have any weird or embarrassing onstage moments?

Caroline: almost every time i'm onstage it's embarrassing because i generally cannot stop talking. one time the band that played before me (i think it was emily yacina) was so good that i was convinced it induced my period after i had been waiting for it for months and i couldn't stop oversharing about it. it was like, an unstoppable avalanche of me talking about how thick my uterine lining was into the mic. haunting stuff. there have also been like 500 times where i'm on a high up stage wearing a skirt that's like 2 inches long and i forget to wear underwear.

Isaac: What would be your dream collaboration?

Caroline: me and grimes!!!!!

Isaac: What is something that you want to accomplish with/through your music?

Caroline: go on a full US tour! work just a small part time job and have music cover my bills! get a clothing line!

Isaac: How’s the future looking for Infinity Crush? What can we expect to see from you?

Caroline: the future is looking COOL. i just recorded in a studio for the first time, abandoning my lo-fi allegiance. i have a new album i'm working on recording currently, it's called virtual heaven. my best songs by far, it feels more mature and more like i've grown into myself and my sound.

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