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Meet the Music: MY NAME IS IAN

Since its formation in 2010, MY NAME IS IAN has been capturing listeners' attention. The band creates instantly lovable sing-along anthems by pairing their catchy melodies with fun, memorable lyrics about TV shows, animals, death, and not being able to talk to girls. My name is Ian describe themselves as a "heartbreaking, bipolar, anti-folk, anti-garage, rock band of friends. Impressively prolific and prolifically impressive. Bittersweet, but unbroken. MY NAME IS IAN require your immediate attention." We recently had to opportunity to talk to the worst band in Cardiff, and the best band in the world about MIB, Minions, and their plans for the future.

Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser.: I’m going to ask you some rapid fire questions to start off the interview. Just answer the first thing that comes to mind.

  1. What has been the album of the summer for you? Album of the summer has to be Resistance by SONGHOY BLUES.

  2. Minions? If I was a child I would want everything with Minions on. I would want Minions pyjamas, toys and pencil case. I am not a child so I have nothing.

  3. Have you watched Peaky Blinders? I keep telling my friend Taylor to watch it, but he won’t. Can you help me convince him? Peaky Blinders is like drugs....just try it and if it's not for you then that is fine. I am not a fan of Peaky Blinders but a friend was an extra in the show

  4. If the neuralyzer from “Men In Black" existed, what memory would you erase? I would erase my memory of being born, sadly i remember it like it was yesterday.

  5. Do you remember the Men in Black animated series? Was that a thing in Wales? Yeah i remember the cartoon, I think it would be cool if they made a Men in Black real life TV show. It could star Steve Buscemi and Reggie Watts

  6. Can we be Friends? Lets be friends, I am probably a better pen pal than human friend.

  7. Pros and cons of growing out my mustache? Pros- strength, a good place to store food, could front a Queen tribute act and always in disguise.Cons- could look awful and may attract horny caterpillars

  8. What is the biggest animal to ever exist? The Blue Whale. I may be wrong but it's easier to believe my own facts

  9. Your favorite fish? I like those fish that like really deep in the ocean. The ones with no eyes and glowing bits and ugly faces.

  10. Opinion on frogs? I do not like frogs or toads. I do not trust them. You never know if they are going to move fast or slow. This lack of trust is the reason I eat frogs legs daily.

BL: What is there to know about “My Name is Ian”?

MNII: MY NAME IS IAN started about 9 years ago as a solo project but has been a full band for the last five years with my best pals JAMES BUZZANCA and JOE COLEBY. We all live in Cardiff, we are scared of dying before we finish album 60.

BL:Where does the band name come from? And would you consider changing it to “My Name is Isaac”?

MNII: There was a guy in the band called Ian, we were going to call the band HIS NAME WAS IAN but we thought this would be better. Maybe we will change our name for one album. The album we come and record with you.

BL: I know that you’ve compiled a lot of your songs from other albums into the album “Now That’s What I Call My Name is Ian” , but how many songs have you guys recorded in total?

MNII: There's probably around 60 songs with the line up now and then 150 when Reginald was playing solo.

BL: So one of my favorite songs is “No Worries” Who is the song about? Every time I listen to it, my cat comes to mind. Is it about a pet? Is it about my cat.

MNII: The song was originally about a friend who I thought was drinking too much at the time but now I see it as a friendship/love song about something that's not a human. So it could be about a pet cat

BL: You recently released a new album called “Cincinnati Cola” , can you tell us a bit about that?

MNII: Cincinnati Cola is about our imaginary adventures in Cincinnati.

BL: What do you like to do on your free time when you’re not working on music?

MNII: In our free time we climb mountains, canoe, go to the pub, play a card based version of monopoly and make short films.

BL: Do you have a memorable on stage moment?

MNII: We have once played an hour and a half gig to five people and their ten year old child and then we all drank and did karaoke until late.

BL: Who are your musical influences ?

MNII: Influences are the beach boys, Herman dune, islet, the burning hell and elvis.

BL: What are some goals you want to accomplish through your music short-term and long term?

MNII: Long term plan is to keep making albums until people give in and realise we are the best band in the world but the worst band in Wales.

BL: So I had the chance to check out some of your art. It has this cool Daniel Johnston-esque vibe to it. Where can we check it out?

MNII: You can find my art/clothing on Instagram @boner_tees and BL: And to wrap things up, where is your music available and where can we find you on social media? Music is available Spotify, itunes and bandcamp. More albums coming soon. More art and tshirts too.

Check out some of their music here!

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