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Meet The Music: Sidney Gish

(Photo by Sonya Alfano)

The talented NJ native (based in Boston) has been making waves in the music scene since her debut album 'Ed Buys Houses'. Gish has a real knack for writing clever songs that are easy to relate to. Songs like 'But Not For You, Bunny', 'Sin Triangle', and 'Friday Nigh Placebo' articulate the artist's personal doubts while still remaining lighthearted and entertaining. Like she's so witty that she would do really well in a rap battle. In fact, she would kill it in a rap battle. I bet she could even beat Eminem. Yo, Eminem if you're reading this, we're calling you out. The ball is in your court.


Rapid Fire Q'ssssssss

1. I had a pet goat named Manu that I had since he was a baby, and he's been missing for a week and I’ve been really bummed ever since. Can you write a song about him?

"There once was a goatie named manu

Who’s missing the gish interview

Because he was taken

The whole world is shaken

And I hope he comes back soon"

2. Any bands that you’ve been into lately that you think everyone should check out?

My attention span is ass and so for the past couple days I’ve just been listening to the two most recent songs on my Spotify saved list, “Pussy Is God” by King Princess and “Entre e Ouça” by Ed Motta

3. Can you do a cover of the cha cha slide for your next album? I need it for my cousin’s bar mitzvah.

I can supply one clap for the breakdown

4. Remember Ihob?


5. Help me cyberbully my friend Taylor.

Taylor needs to log off :/

6. Is there anything I can help you with so I can add “Sidney Gish’s assistant” to my resume?

You can airlift me this pesto every single day

7. Who do you think would win in a game of SKATE? A skater Gargoyle or Tony Hawk in his prime?

How would a gargoyle be better at skating than Tony???

8. Did they ever find Amelia Earhart’s plane? Or was that a dream I had?

Yeah I think they found her body also :(

9. Who would win in a fight? Nirvana or the Bee Gees?

Bee Gees are twiggy but strong and can focus their attack more efficiently. Nirvana will exhibit more raw emotion during the fight and although they will thrash around more forcefully the Bee Gees will win regardless due to their strategic dominance

10. I have a business idea. It’s like uber, but for jets. Care to invest?

Only if I can do a jet pool and walk a short distance to my location first. So an airport


Isaac Gutierrez for Born Loser: Can you tell us a little bit of background on your musical career? What pushed you to start writing songs and performing?

(Photo by Omari Spears)

Sidney Gish: I did choir in high school and acapella in college, and also was learning how to use Garageband whenever I was bored since I was around 13. Once I got more attention for the work I did in Garageband I freaked out and started learning how to use Logic, and I’m still trying to get better at production :)

BL: What kind of music did you grow up listening to?

SG: I listened to a lot of Lenka and Regina Spektor when I was younger, then got into angrier sounding music with age.

BL: What would you say is the most non-musical thing, place, or person that influences the songs you write?

SG: Probably the Internet, especially the way I used to use it as a kid & learn new things before social media really took off.

BL: So you’re originally from NJ, went to school in Boston, and did an internship in NY. Out of all of those places, which city’s music scene have you liked the most?

SG: Between all of these places I’ve been the most involved in parts of Boston’s music scene, so probably Boston. I like playing shows wherever I can though.

BL: What are some of your favorite bands that you have gotten to share the stage with?

SG: Probably Mitski, Camp Cope, and Petal this summer.

BL: The first of your songs that I heard was 'Placebo'. Can you talk to us about the inspirations behind that song?

SG: Friday Night Placebo I wrote when I was 18 and just started college, and was trying to meet a lot of new people and having doubts.

BL: So you’ve been doing an A&R internship with Island records. What insight have you gotten through your internship that you’ve been able to apply as a performer?

SG: Being able to observe what the environment of a major label office is like was very eye-opening

BL: What has been the most important thing you’ve learned since you started pursuing music?

SG: Probably that waiting to release your work until it’s perfect is rarely the smartest thing to do

BL: As a kid did you ever see yourself touring and performing? What did you want to be when you grew up?

SG: I wanted to be an author/cartoonist and write books like these.I still really want to write books like that when I’m older.

BL: Do you have a song that you like to perform the most?

SG: At the very end of my set I usually play “Not But For You, Bunny” and once the main looping part is done I know I can just ride it through to the end, which is pretty fun

BL: What has been your worst or most awkward onstage moment?

SG: Last year I chugged a lot of water at O’Briens Pub and then left the stage mid set because I had to pee. It was chill and most of the audience was my friends but it was still not the smartest timing move ever

BL: Do you have any instruments that are special to you?

SG: The casio keyboard I learned to play on as a kid, that has all these 2000s-y sounds and songs preloaded on it, including a MIDI trumpet version of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated”

BL: Why should people listen to Sidney Gish?

SG: They don’t really have to, I like to have fun bringing songs to life even if no one listens :)

BL: Anything that you’d like for all of our readers to know?

SG: Not really, other than hi


Listen To Sidney Gish Here:

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