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New Music Friday

I left my job to go to a coffee shop and work on this list. If I get fired it's on you. Are any of you hiring? Also, if you're reading this, you're legally obligated to listen to all of these songs/albums. (Not really, please don't sue me.)


Drivin (remix) - Willow Avalon feat. Field Medic

Willow Avalon is back with a remix of her single 'Drivin' featuring Field Medic. The Georgia born (NY based) artist talks about collaborating with Field Medic.

“Working with Field Medic was like a field day in elementary school. I always hoped our paths would cross, and that we could make something beautiful together, if not just be friends. Kevin is like a breath of fresh air – I couldn’t be more proud of the song.”

Listen to Drivin Here

Keep Up With Willow Avalon Here


Earthly Delights (Single) - Zilched

Zilched is hands down one of our favorite acts here at Born Loser Mag! Chloe Drills (Zilched) is following up her 2020 album, DOOMPOP, with her highly-anticipated sophomore LP, Earthly Delights. Zilched released the title track for the album this week, and the single gives us a taste of what we can expect to hear on this forthcoming release. It is clear to see the maturation and uncompromising creative vision in the years following her DOOMPOP.

Listen to Earthly Delights Here

Keep Up With Zilched Here


Stacy (Single) Hotspit

Listen, I've you've been following us for long enough, then you know that Hotspit is one of our favorite bands. If I were in charge of the Grammy's they would win all of them. But I'm not in charge of the Grammy's. Some dummies that probably haven't listened to Hotspit are in charge of the Grammy's. I'm starting my own award show.

Anyway, Hotspit released a non-demo studio version of Stacy and it's flawless like everything else they do. Go listen to it right now. Like right now. Quit your job and listen to this single.

Listen To Stacy Here

Keep Up With Hotspit Here


What We Leave Behind (EP) - Delaney Bailey

Why had none of you told me about Delaney Bailey?? Y'all just let me find out about her 3 years after her first single? Fake friends. I feel like these reviews have gotten less formal as I go down this list. Sorry, I had too many cups of coffee this morning and it triggered my anxiety.

Listen to this EP. Just trust me. I'm at work and I'm supposed to be doing something else right now, but I'm telling you to listen to this EP instead because it's THAT good. Her voice, angelic. Her songwriting, immaculate. She makes a New Girl reference in one of her songs and it's perfect. Delaney Bailey forever. Delaney Bailey for 10,000 years.

Keep Up With Delaney Bailey Here


iwantthis2last! (Single) - Field Medic

Last, but not least, we have Mr. Field Medic himself. With his latest single, iwantthis2last! I've loved Field Medic's music longer than I've loved anything else in my life. (I was saying this as a joke, but I've literally been listening to him since 2015, so that very well may be true.)

My boss just text me asking where I am. I have to go. Listen to the single. He also has a new album 'Light is Gone 2' out Sept. 1st!

If I get fired one of these bands has to hire me as their manager.

Listen to Field Medic Here

Keep Up With Field Medic Here


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