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New Music Friday (On the following Monday) | 9.25.22


There have been way too many good releases this week for me not to share. Look, I'm not a music critic. That's why I do interviews and not reviews. So I'm just going to re-listen to all of these songs and type out my exact thoughts as I listen. Also, I was supposed to post this on Monday, but I was on uncle duty and didn't have time. I have a newfound respect for moms. Those school pick up lines are the worst. Shout out to all the mom's out there!


Cave Dweller (Single) - Hotspit

We're starting off this list with one of my favorite bands, Hotspit, and their latest single Cave Dweller. You can check out our q&a about the single here for more background on the song. The band immediately sets the tone with the lyrics "She's the girl that I want to play with. I'm like the boy who's acting too tough"

I think my favorite thing about Hotspit is how well they're able to convey emotion through every part of their music. Lyrics, instrumentals, the sincerity in Audrey's voice. Hotspit has it all. Hotspit > The Beatles.

Listen to Cave Dweller Here


Desilusion (Single) - Nico Play

Nico Play has been killing it this year with singles like Discoteca, Vivir Sin Ti (acoustic), and now with Desilusion. Desilusion does a great job at showcasing Nic's songwriting ability. We got to hear Nico Play touch on deeper topics with his song Vivir Sin Ti, and it's really exciting see him follow it up with this new track. After hearing this, I'm convinced that Nico Play is the Agustin Lara of our generation. (If you know, you know). Be sure to keep an eye out for Nico Play's debut EP on Nov 2nd! Happy Hispanic heritage month.

Listen To Desilusion Here

Watch The Music Video Here


no bodies (Single) - Raavi

Raavi follows up her 2022 EP, It Grows On Trees, with their latest single no bodies! (We knew the band back when Raavi had houseplants.) Raavi says this about the track: "The song is about the stress of likability and measuring one’s own worth. It speaks to that little fear in your head: ‘if I’m giving everything to this music career (or whatever), and I’m not succeeding, then where am I? And what even is success?’ The track was made while preparing the release for the last EP and I was feeling the weight of putting music into the world and hoping people would like it. As you climb to the top of one ladder, you realize you’re just at the bottom of another. And even with the knowledge that ‘success’ isn’t linear, it’s still incredibly difficult to recognize where you are on your own path.”

Listen To no bodies Here


Nite stairs (Single) - Petite league

I don't think I've ever heard a Petite League song that I didn't like. Honestly, I think Nite Stairs may be one of my favorite releases to date. This single just hits the spot you know? The song has the perfect lyrics to belt out on an evening drive.

"Falling in love like missing every last step in the dark

Black eye just to say I want another try

Falling in love like winning a race on a false start."

Dude, Lorenzo is such a good songwriter AND musician. How many people can write a song that is fun and can make you cry at the same time. Be sure to keep an eye out for Petite League's upcoming LP Thrill Seekers! Out soon. Soonish? Idk go follow them on Instagram to be sure.

Listen To Nite Stairs Here


Leap Day (EP) - Remember Sports

For sure listen to the whole EP, but I just want to talk about the last track on the EP, The One You Wanted. It starts off with an acoustic rendition of "Joy To The World", and I was very confused at first, THEN I was immediately punched in the gut with Carmen's vocals and the lyrics:

"out of all the things I’ve given up to break your heart

the poetry is the worst part

and i don’t know who’s better off

I don’t feel so smart

but i’ve taken every piece apart

now i could be a work of art

leaning on your windowsill"

The more I listen to this track, the more I love it. I'm still a little confused by Joy to the world thing, I wonder why they made that creative choice? I mean it works! It's a beautiful song! It's just interesting. I need to interview them to talk about it. Someone help set that up!

Listen To Leap Day Here


Kill Her Freak Out (Single) - Samia

Oh man. I'm about to weep in the middle of this coffee shop. Samia gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from her upcoming sophomore album, Honey. (Out Jan 27th.) I absolutely LOVE this song. The songwriting is reminiscent of Samia's early work like Django and Welcome to Eden. Mostly in the fact that it makes me feel all of my emotions at once. It's been really exciting to see Samia grow as an artist throughout the years and I'm very excited for the upcoming album!

Listen To Kill Her Freak Out Here

Watch The Music Video Here



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