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New Release/Q&A | 'Floating Blue' - Petite League

Petite League is back with their new single 'Floating Blue' (out 2/18) We recently had the chance to catch up with Lorenzo Cook about talk about the upcoming release. Check it out!


Rapid-fire Questions

1. What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been on an unending Beatles kick since Get Back came out. There is an endless supply of goodness to indulge in and I barely have room for anything else.

2. Next time you have a show in Texas, can I be a background dancer for y’all while you play your set?

Sure! That sounds really awkward!

3. My friend is getting married this April. Can you help me write a song to convince him to let me move in with him and his wife?

This is the plot of You, Me and Dupree with Owen Wilson and has a 20% on Rotten Tomatoes, I think we should avoid making more content like this.

4. What band do you think you could destroy in a baseball game?

Any British band. They definitely don’t know how to throw a ball.

5. First artist or album that made you fall in love with music?

I think Sum 41’s All Kill, No Filler was a kind of spiritual awakening for me. Tough to say though, there were many little moments where I heard something as a kid and I was just different after.

6. Any advice on growing a sick mustache?

I’m blessed with some good upper lip genes so it comes fairly easily but I have a lot of friends who had to just muscle through the patchy periods until it looked adequate. Maintenance is important once you’ve arrived!

7. Are you proud of me?

Yeah, if you’re asking you probably did something you’re proud of.

8. Thanks I needed to hear that. (I’m assuming you said yes)

You got it, boss

9. Roast me.

No, roast me.

10. Any up and coming NYC bands that you think everyone should check out?

Sorry Mom. I’m jealous of her voice.


Hey, how have you been?

I think “fair” is a safe answer. Head down, trying to keep things from feeling hectic.

The last time we talked was back in February of 2021! What have you been up to since then?

I’ve taken the year to prepare for this interview.

This isn’t really about the upcoming release, but you have the coolest merch. Do you design it yourself?

Thanks! Yeah, I do! Really just enjoying making stuff I’d like to wear. Not really trained in the graphic arts but I derive a lot of fulfillment in making stuff.

Any plans to reprint any more of the “Helmet Daze” crewnecks, or is it gone forever?

Oh, they’ll definitely be back. There is currently a huge shortage of XL crewnecks though which is the main reason I don’t have them for sale right now. Our biggest and tallest must be clothed, too!

You have a single called “Floating Blue” dropping soon! What were the inspirations behind the song, and what was the writing/recording process like?

I actually wrote a majority of the song right before I flew back to my parents house for the first time in two years. I think I was feeling a little emotional about my area of New York and how it became such a deeper home than it was before we all got stuck here during the pandemic.

Who did the cover art for the single? It’s sick.

Me! Thanks! I took the picture of the weeds on the subway platform on my way to the beach this summer.

Do you have to be in a specific mood or environment to write a song?

I don’t think so. I have trouble turning it off so this shit is on my mind all the time, even when I’m not just sitting at my desk actively writing. No right or wrong time, just time.

One of your lyrics is:

Fruit stand vampire watching me as I
sneak a drink on the subway train

What is a fruit stand vampire?

The fruit stand outside of my subway stop is open really weird hours and the person manning it is out there at like 3 AM sometimes all bundled up guarding the fruit. I wanted to give a little shoutout to my local night dwelling fruit vendor.

Is there anything that you want your listeners to take away from the single?

Oh, I don’t know! It’s kind of up to them, I can’t really tell anyone what to take away from a song. I will say I think it is the other dudes in the band's favorite song to date. Do what you will with that information.

Any plans to tour in Texas anytime soon?

Man, I’d really like to come back. Hopefully before 2023, that’d be a good goal to set.

What can we expect to see or hear from Petite League in the near future?

A consistent flow of music for a change!

To wrap things up, do you have any questions for me?

Sure, what was your favorite hide and seek hiding spot in your house as a kid?

I don't think I was allowed to play hide and seek in the house, because I was too loud. My go to place was in the neighbor's yard. Technically it was against the rules, but I never got caught.


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