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New Releases | 7.20.21

I overthink every single time I do one of these New Releases posts. I get nervous doing reviews, so I'm just going to start doing these as if I were recommending songs to a friend. We're friends now. Me and all 3 of my readers.


Waltzing Back (Single) - No Vacation

No Vacation does such an excellent job at putting their own distinct sound on this cover of The Cranberries. I feel like doing a cover can be tricky because you can either sound way too close to the original, or go the complete opposite direction an butcher the song. No Vacation makes the song their own, while managing to convey the same emotion as the original. No Vacation pulls off this song flawlessly. Also, I just bought a vintage cranberries tee online. Coincidence? I think so, yes.

Listen to Waltzing Back Here


The Story of Hugo (EP) - JAWNY

I remember first hearing the song Really Meant by JAWNY (then known as Johnny Utah) back in 2018, and immediately sharing it with everyone I knew. It's only been 3 years since then, but there's been a lot of growth in JAWNY's sound. I feel like The Story of Hugo is just an explosion of sound and it's amazing. Plus the lyric "Took you off my phone like U2" on Tombstone Grey is the greatest line of all time.

Listen To The Story of Hugo Here


EP2 (EP) - The Lazy Eyes

The Lazy Eyes are back with their latest release EP2. I feel like I was just talking about EP1 not too long ago! I think that The Lazy Eyes are one of the most interesting bands I've heard in the past few years. The band does such a seamless job at combining a nostalgic psychedelic sound with a modern feel, and creates something memorable and unique along the way. One day I'll be good enough to join the Sydney Scooter Gang.

Listen To EP2 here

Watch The Music Video For The Island Here


Bluff (Single) - Nico Play

I know I shared this song last week in our interview with Nico Play, but he just released a music video for the track and you have to check it out! Plus it's a great song.

Listen To Bluff Here

Watch The Music Video For Bluff Here


These Days - Nico

I know this isn't a new release. In fact this was released way before I was born. What are you going to do? You can't fire me. You can't tell me what to do. While doing research for the Nico Play interview I kept running into Nico songs. When I was in middle school or early high school there was a musty old record shop that had been around since the 70s in town. It was before vinyl made a comeback, so it was the only store in town. The old hippie guy that ran it would talk to me about music for hours. One day he pulled out Nico's Chelsea Girl and played it on the store's record player, and I immediately fell in love with this album. Why am I getting so emotional while writing this? Also, why did my mom let me hangout with a random guy at his store for hours at a time?

Listen to These Days Here



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