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Our 10 Favorite NPR Tiny Desk Contest Submissions

There are so many submission. SO MANY. I spent like 3 hours scrolling through videos on youtube trying to find my favorite Tiny Desk submissions. Here are my top 5.These are in no no particular order. The list is based on of my favorite songs, fun performances, and cool videography. Also, these are just the videos I just happened to watch. Like I said there were a ton of videos. Enjoy!


1. Hate Drugs - 'Out Of Touch'


2. Stan Taylor - 'I Think I Love Her'


3. Oh He Dead - 'Lonely Sometimes'


4. Spectre Jones - 'Nobody Else'


5. Medium Build - 'Men'


6. Hawthorn - 'In The Morning'


7. Handgrenades - 'Daily Routine'


8. OBBO - 'Tiny Stamp'


9. Batty Jr. - 'A Spider's Song'


10. Kate Bollinger - 'Candy'


You know what? 10 wasn't enough. Theres still one more I'd like to share. What are you going to do sue me? Please don't. I don't know the law. Can you sue me for saying "Top 10" and having 11 videos?? Please. I have a family. This is just a beautiful old fashioned story telling folk song that you have to listen to.

11. Velvet Crayon - 'Roosevelt's 1941st Mushroom Dream'


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