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Premiere | Fat Spirit Share Their Latest Single 'Green Thought'

Premiering on Born Loser Magazine today is Fat Spirit's latest single, Green Thought, off their highly anticipated forthcoming album, EGG! The song is accompanied by a music video created by Daniel McCarthy. Fat Spirit immediately grabbed our attention with their single Planet Earth III, and it's safe to say that the Richmond, VA band has quickly become one of our favorite acts here at BL Mag.

The band shares some background on their newest track and music video:

"The song is about people who kick you when you’re down or when you’ve lost touch with your true self and how in those times of pain, resentment, shame, etc you can feel completely disconnected from who you were when you were feeling good and plugged in. When you’re there you have to find the things that lead you back to yourself- those things that resonate in a positive way. The internal bloom- a green thought.

I think the video captures that really well without being overly literal. It’s those cycles of death and rebirth throughout our life where we are torn down and rebuilt, molded by our experiences at the hands of alien forces beyond our control or understanding but if you can find that green thought you wash back up on the shore"


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