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Premiere | Jacklen Ro Announce Debut LP, and premiere new single 'Sunshine I'm Counting On You'


With singles like Time Bomb and Side by Side, Jacklen Ro has quickly become one of our favorite acts here at BL Mag. Today the Los Angeles based queer indie duo, Jacklen Ro (Jackie Giroux and Caelen Perkins) announce their highly anticipated debut LP, Sunshine I'm Counting On You ( Out November 16 via Lolipop Records).

Premiering on Born Loser Magazine today, is the record's title track and first single, "Sunshine I'm Counting On You,"

The duo shares some background on their newest track and music video:

"The song is all about trusting in the good and that it will come in dark times. Knowing you have someone who will consistently be there for you and make your day a little brighter at the end of the darkness. It’s a love song, but it’s also about getting yourself get through the bad and still looking forward to something through it all.

"Making the video about trying to survive vampires came from the line 'sunshine I’m counting on you,' as in the sun will kill the vampires. We did it completely DIY with our bassist Lauren directing and producing it, and our drummer edited it. We had friends helping every step of the process, and shoutout to them. We couldn’t have done it without you! We’re just love bugs trying to spread it all around."


Watch The Music Video Here


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