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Toadies Interview


We recently got to talk to the toadies ahead of their "Rubberneck" tour. It was such a huge honor getting to talk to such an iconic band. I've been a fan most of my life, so this is a dream come true. I can finally retire from doing music interviews.

Be sure to catch the toadies live! (tour dates at the end of the interview)


Rapid-fire questions

1. What have you been listening to lately?

the new Muse, Voivod, Jazz Messengers

2. If you could write the entrance song for any wrestler, who would it be?

For Those About To Rock, it blows up all of the airspace and would even make Tiny Tim entering the ring a BIG deal.

3. Go to character to play as in street fighter?

Ken or Ryu. I layed waste with those guys.

4. Do you remember the first album you ever bought?

Iron Maiden, Live After Death

5. Have you ever seen a ghost or had any paranormal experience?

Oh defintely. For some reason that shit happened to my family a lot. Not in an Amityville way but more than the average bear. My grandfather was raised on the Cherokee rez in Talequah and had quite a few experiences with ghosts and spirits.

6. Do you think Ska is making a comeback anytime soon?

If it does can I borrow a gun to shoot myself in the fucking head with?

7. If I was to get your lyrics tattooed on my face, which lyrics would you recommend?

'You Hurt Me You Fuck"

8. First concert you remember attending?

Anthrax (Among The Living tour) , Celtic Frost and Exodus at the Bronco Bowl in 1987. It set the course for my life.

9. What is the worst piece of life advice that you can give me?

Ask a bassist for life advice.

10. Any local Ft.Worth/Dallas bands that we should check out?

Power Trip


Isaac Gutierrez for BL Mag: What was your introduction to music, and were you involved in any other musical projects before Toadies?

Doni : My father was a disc jockey and would bring albums home that he thought my brother Zach and I would like. Through my hippie parents I got turned on to Hendrix, Zeppelin, Grand Funk, Steeley Dan etc. BUT, my Dad also loved new wave and hipped us to Oingo Boingo, Wall of VooDoo and the like. My brother and I formed a band called Hagfish in the early 90's and that was how I started to tour the world, record albums and play professionally. We shared bills with the Toadies frequently and I became a huge fan from the start. How could you not? I kept touring in other bands- Armstrong, Only Crime and came home for awhile. I was done with touring until I found out about the Toadies audition. That was 2008, I think I got the gig.

Was there anything in particular that made you want to pursue music?

Yep, seeing John Entwistle play bass on the movie about the Who called The Kids Are Alright. He just stood there and created a huge volume of sound, using only his fingers! Watching the dichotomy of his stillness with Townshend's energy made me think " my brother and i can do that". And we did.

Are there any newer artists, or maybe even local artists that you think are doing something cool in music?

Turnstile are making me very hopeful for the futue of music. IDLES as well.

Are there any cities you’re excited to play at that maybe you havent been to in a while?

(Photo by Thomas Moore)

The West Coast, defintely. Cant wait to play in NYC and Boston as well. Honestly, I havent been ANYWHERE in 2 years. I want to see it all.

What is it like to see that your fans are now starting to take their kids to Toadies shows as well? You have a completely new generation of fans now.

Amazing. Looking out and seeing people who want to share our music with their children reminds me of my parents doing the same with my brother and I. It says "THIS means something to me, and I hope it does to you too". Not everyone is good with communication, especially the parent/child relationship and sharing music, books, movies..anything of a creative nature can make that task a little easier to tell someone you care about what is in your heart.

As far as music goes, what does your idea of “success” look like? And has that changed from when you first started out?

(Photo by Matt Cooper)

Not at all. I have always viewed success as playing WHAT you want, no matter what is in your heart or head, and having people like it so much that they support your efforts by coming to concerts and buying your music. We make a living writing and playing really cool, weird music that isnt for everyone. But the ones who get it....GET IT. That means the world to me.


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