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Waveform* Interview

(Photo by Juliette Boulay)


Since their inception in 2017, waveform* has cultivated a devoted following and an impressive collection of releases. Their latest offering, Antarctica, caters to both long-standing fans and newcomers. Comprising talented songwriters Jarett Denner and Dan Poppa, the duo has continuously refined their sound, growing exponentially with each album building upon the previous.

Antarctica marks a significant milestone as it showcases the first full collaboration between Denner and Poppa. Through this musical partnership, they seamlessly blend their individual strengths, resulting in songs that epitomize waveform*'s distinct sonic identity. The album effortlessly transitions between subdued indie folk and soaring guitar-driven moments. With poignant lyrics delving into themes of solitude and isolation, the duo paints vast landscapes while also offering intimate glimpses into personal experiences.

The outcome is an album that captivates with its rich arrangements and immediate catchiness, enveloping listeners in an immersive journey. With each subsequent listen, Antarctica unveils new layers drawing listeners in again and again. We recently got to talk to the duo, check it out below!


Rapid-fire Questions

1. What have you been listening to lately?

These albums- Big Thief- UFOF and Blithe Field - Grits Kissed.

2. Who is your go to character in Mario Party? And why is Toad the only acceptable answer?


3. Which type of museum would be the worst to be a security guard at a “Night at the Museum” type situation?

Probably any of them.

4. Is Toad a mushroom? What would happen if Mario ate Toad?

Yes and I am not sure.

5. When are y'all making a ska album?

No but I don’t really know.

6. When I die can you play “Superman” by Goldfinger as they lower my casket?

I don’t think we know that song.

7. Have y’all heard of this up and coming band called Nervanah (or however it's spelled)

Kurt Krist and Dave.

8. What question are you tired of having to answer all the time?

I don’t think we really mind any of them.

9. Make me cry.


10. Any local bands (or maybe bands that you think deserve more attention) that you think we should check out?

Hillview #73 and Pencil Legs who just played our show on Minecraft.


Isaac Gutierrez For BL Mag: To start things off, can you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about how waveform* formed?

(Photo by Juliette Boulay)

Dan: We grew up together in Monroe, CT. We didn’t meet until high school but once we did we formed the band pretty soon after.

One of my personal rules when it comes to interviews is to never ask about band names just because it’s such a cliche question, BUT I have to know what the story behind the asterisk is?

Jarett: We thought it would make us cooler.

Dan: That’s probably actually a little true but it was also one way of differentiating us from all of the “waveform”’s online/on streaming services.

What was your experience like coming up in the Connecticut DIY scene?

Dan: It was cool. There were always a lot of DIY venues and cool bands to play with. We would play a lot of shows all of the time.

My personal favorite song of yours is (coincidentally) “Favorite Song”, can you give us some background on how that song came together?

Jarett: I was sitting in the dark one night and tried to write the simplest song I could possibly make.

You mentioned in a previous interview that you actually formed in 2017 and released some music, but then later deleted it. Is there any chance the world will ever get to hear those releases? . . . Nvm. I just found some on bandcamp.

Dan: Yea we had deleted that album “drawing” that’s up now but reuploaded it for the 5 year anniversary. The rest of it could probably be found on youtube or soulseek.

Speaking of that, do you ever go back and revisit your previous music?

Dan: Very very occasionally.

Congratulations on your upcoming album, Antarctica! What does it feel like to finally be able to share this record with the world?

Jarett: The only reason we made it was for people to hear it, so it is an extremely special moment to finally get it out.

Dan: We made it for more reasons than that. It is hard to put the thoughts behind it all into one singular feeling though.

What was the writing/recording process like and what were some inspirations behind this album?

Dan: The writing and recording process was pretty similar to last time, except we collaborated together a bit more. The inspiration is always just traditional song writing legends. Everything from The Beatles to Elliott Smith and what not. A lot of our friend’s music is inspiring too. Stuff like TAGABOW and Melaina Kol.

Is there anything that you’re particularly proud of on this record?

Jarett: In My Drink.

Did you have a specific mindset or goal going into making this album?

Dan: Not really, I think the goal is usually just to make stuff that sounds good to us, naturally.

Were you listening to anything in particular while working on the album?

Dan: There’s not much to really pinpoint as this album was worked on over the course of 2 ish years.

My favorite song keeps changing, but I think right now it’s Firework. Can you give us some background on that song?

Dan: I don’t really ever want to give away the meanings of the songs but this one feels sort’ve like a full circle moment to our discography.

I think it’s really interesting how different songs on the album are. When you’re writing a song do you have an idea of what sound you’re going for, or do you just kind of feel it out with each individual song?

Jarett: Writing a song is always a magical thing that can't really be predetermined or planned.

What did you personally take away from the process of making this record, and what do you hope other people get from it?

Dan: We learned how to be a bit more open minded while working on eachothers songs. I guess I would hope that some people like listening to it and that we can keep touring and stuff all the time.

Do you try to write or play something every day? Or just when you’re feeling inspired?

Dan: I think these days just when we’re feeling inspired.

You’re going on tour with TAGABOW and Teethe soon! I’ll for sure be at your show in Dallas. Are there any cities that you’re excited to visit?

Dan: I’m excited to play in Montreal for the first time.

This one time I was interviewing a band and they told me about how someone once brought a live turkey to their show. What's been the coolest/weirdest thing you’ve seen while performing?

Jarett: There was a cow in the crowd once. That was pretty weird.

When you’re playing in Dallas, can you get me onstage and get the crowd to boo me for 2 minutes straight?

Dan: I don’t know if that would be a great look for us.

What are some ways that we as listeners can help support touring bands?

Jarett: Buy merch and be conscious of what is going to the artist and what is not.

Dan: Support tape labels.

Is there anything that you want our readers to know?( It doesn’t have to be about music.)

Dan: Nothing except that our album Antarctica is out May 12th, and we’re hitting almost everywhere in the USA this summer with TAGABOW and Teethe.


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