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New Music Friday (on the following Monday)


Apparently the last one of these I did was back in November?? I doesn't feel like it's been that long. I don't even have a valid excuse. Anyway here are some new releases that I think deserve some attention!


Haymaker (Album) - Hall Johnson

We first heard of Hall Johnson back in 2017 when they released their single City Lights, and we've been following Hall Johnson's musical journey ever since!

Hall Johnson's debut album, "Haymaker," delivers an electrifying punch straight from the heart of Austin, Texas. From the first notes of the opening track, listeners are enveloped in a whirlwind of raw energy and unapologetic lyricism. Each song on "Haymaker" is a masterful blend of gritty guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms, and frontman Milo Cortese's captivating vocals, which oscillate effortlessly between haunting vulnerability and soaring anthemic power. Hall Johnson crafts a sonic landscape that feels simultaneously timeless and refreshingly original. "Haymaker" is a triumphant debut that establishes Hall Johnson as a rising band in the Texas music scene and leaves listeners eagerly awaiting their next move.

Listen To Haymaker Here

Keep Up With Hall Johnson Here


Antartica (Album) - waveform*

We recently had the opportunity to interview waveform* about their latest release, Antartica. Waveform* has been one of our favorite bands ever since we first heard their 2020 album, Last Room. In fact I still listen to Favorite Song on repeat.

Antarctica marks a significant milestone as it showcases the first full collaboration between Denner and Poppa. Through this musical partnership, they seamlessly blend their individual strengths, resulting in songs that epitomize waveform*'s distinct sonic identity. The album effortlessly transitions between subdued indie folk and soaring guitar-driven moments. With poignant lyrics delving into themes of solitude and isolation, the duo paints vast landscapes while also offering intimate glimpses into personal experiences.

Listen To Antartica Here

Keep Up With Waveform* Here


Pebble (Single) - Tugaloo

Tugaloo, another artist hailing from Austin's bustling music scene, has just released his latest single, Pebble. With an unwavering dedication to his craft, Tugaloo shines brightly in this captivating release. Pebble is a testament to his artistry, combining introspective lyrics with genre-blending elements. Tugaloo's ethereal vocals effortlessly soar over the carefully crafted production, creating a sonic atmosphere that is both lush and captivating. The track's infectious melodies and carefully crafted instrumentation weave together seamlessly, drawing listeners in and leaving them wanting for more. With Pebble, Tugaloo showcases his undeniable talent and leaves no doubt that he is an artist to watch. This promising single sets the stage for a future filled with musical brilliance, and we can't wait to see what Tugaloo has in store next.

Listen To Pebble Here

Keep Up With Tugaloo Here


To Learn (Album) - Leith Ross

Listen, this is the album of the year. I know that's a bold statement, but this album has no skips. It is a masterclass in songwriting.

Leith Ross' debut album, To Learn, is a remarkable showcase of their exceptional talent for capturing raw emotions that often elude verbal expression. Leith stands out as an authentic, vulnerable storyteller, weaving a tapestry of honesty throughout the entire album. With standout tracks like "Guts," "We'll Never Have Sex," and "To Me" Leith presents poetic narratives that delve into the complexities of love, loss, betrayal, and the intricacies of human connections.

Leith's ability to evoke emotions through their poignant lyrics and stirring melodies is nothing short of mesmerizing. With this impressive debut, Leith Ross has undoubtedly established themselves as one of the top up and coming singer-songwriters.

Listen to To Learn Here

Keep Up With Leith Ross Here


Just Now (EP) - Homeschool

In the captivating realm of Homeschool's latest EP, aptly titled Just Now, singer-songwriter Tom D'Agustino fearlessly delves into the intricacies of self-exploration and musical experimentation. Each verse and every beat on this mesmerizing record serves as a raw reflection of D'Agustino's ongoing quest for meaning and authenticity.

As the principal writer and performer behind Homeschool, D'Agustino embarks on a journey that goes beyond seeking happiness or success; instead, they unearth fragments of their own identity that had long remained unexplored. Through a candid and introspective approach, Just Now reveals the intricate clusters of emotions and experiences that D'Agustino embraces openly for the first time, creating a deeply personal and immersive musical experience.

Listen To Just Now Here

Keep Up With Homeschool Here


Body (Single) - Briston Maroney

Nashville's highly acclaimed singer-songwriter, Briston Maroney, has unveiled Body, the lead single to the much-anticipated sophomore album, titled Ultrapure, set to release on Friday, September 22 via Canvasback Music/Atlantic Records.

This upcoming record showcases Maroney's evolution as an artist, presenting a bold and introspective collection of songs. Ultrapure not only demonstrates Maroney's unwavering confidence but also serves as a testament to his growth and artistic maturity. With a deeply personal touch, Maroney delves into his own experiences, creating a cohesive musical journey that resonates with listeners

In discussing the album's origins, Maroney shares his insights and inspirations, shedding light on the creative process behind this remarkable body of work:

"My favorite moments in the human experience are ones that you don’t even realize have started, but feel so deeply when you realize they’ve ended. I refer to these as ‘Ultrapure’ moments. This album was my humble, unqualified, and earnest as hell attempt at sitting in those feelings until they had no choice but to burst out of my head. These songs are about a type of pain I hate and love, but mostly have a deep appreciation for."

Listen To Body Here

Keep Up With Briston Here



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