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New Music Friday (on the following Monday) 7.4.22

Do you thing Pitchfork would sue me if I changed the site's name to Potchfirk? I'm going to try it.

Be sure to check out the playlist! Like/Save the playlist? I'm not sure how Spotify works.


Natural Part (Album) - Horse Jumper of Love

We're starting off the list with Horse Jumper of Love's latest album, Natural Part. The albums approach to songwriting feels like a lyrical collage loosely threaded together to create something beautiful. The atmosphere created by the fragmented songwriting manages to keep your attention all the way through.

Some of my lyrics to are:

"Deciding that romance does not exist with you

Was so romantic to me

And this is the problem I decided to have

You cut the split ends off my hair

And threw thеm out in a plastic bag"

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT? I'm not even sure what they mean exactly, but I feel it. The transition from The Natural part to Under the house is seamless. You have to listen to this album for yourself. Be sure to catch the band on tour later this month! I'll be at their show in Denton, if you find me come say hi. (Please don't kidnap me)


Making Out (Single) - Nico Play

If you've been following us for a while, you're probably familiar with Nico Play. Nico Play is the bilingual musical project of Nicolás Perea.

Nico Play follows up his single Discoteca with his new release, Making Out. With Making Out, Nico Play perfectly describes trying to come to terms with the end of a relationship, and the uncertainty that comes with that.

ALSO, he as a sick mustache now. I just shaved mine a few weeks ago and I really regret it.


Hey Dood (Single) - Peach Fuzz

Who doesn't love a supergroup? Especially if it includes artists like Samia, Raffaella, Ryann, and Sara L’Abriola. The group's latest single gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from their upcoming debut EP, Can Mary Dood the Moon? (Out later this month)

Fun Fact: Samia was my first video interview and every day I wake up I look back and feel bad because of how awkward I was. The interview was great! I'm just a very awkward/sweaty person. Samia, if you're reading this, I'm sorry. I'm much better at interviews now, but still pretty sweaty.


90 in November / Sailor Mouth (Singles) - Why Bonnie

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT WHY BONNIE SOONER? The New York-via-Texas band is absolutely killing it. To be fair I had seen a lot of good things about the band all over social media for a while now, but I hadn't had the chance to check them out. When a band is your favorite band's favorite band, you know they're good. Why Bonnie releases singles 90 in November and Sailor Mouth ahead of their upcoming album, 90 in November. (Out August 19th)


iknowiknow (Single) - PACKS

PACKS is another one of our favorites here at Born Loser Mag. Madeline was seriously one of the kindest, coolest people I've interviewed. With their newest single, iknowiknow, PACKS trade their fuzzy, gritty sound we came to know in Take the Cake, and replace it for a more stripped down acoustic sound.

"These songs began when I got back in November from our US tour with Wombo," Link explains. "I had lost my voice completely and it had a nice scratchiness to it as it was coming back. Someone suggested I record a whole album of songs while my voice was like that. father’s truck was first. It came from a fever dream I had in a dander-steeped basement in Boston." Keep an eye out for PACKS' EP, WOAH. (out July 8th)


Pensamientos (single) - Arroba Nat, Edoardo Leds, Champ Jr.

Ahora algo para mi gente de habla hispana. He estado obsesionado con la música de Arroba Nat desde la primera vez que escuche su canción "La Perra Soledad" en 2019. La cantante Mexicana regresa con Edoardo Lets y Champ Jr. con un nuevo sencillo titulado Pensamientos.


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