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New Releases | 2.3.21

Technically the "New Releases" segment was supposed to be a monthly thing, but I forgot. What are you going to do? Fire me? I'm really bad at reviews, so I asked each band or artist a few questions to get to know them better. Check it out!


Daydreams - Erik

Can you introduce yourself?

Hey! My Name is Erik Wolstenholme, my music Project is Erik. I am from Atlanta, Ga. I make my solo music as a form of self expression, and I started putting my music out hoping others would relate to me in some way.

When did you first get involved in creating music?

I started writing songs with my old band “The Flat Earth Club”, then I started writing songs for myself and slowly started learning how to produce music.

What do you hope your listeners take away from your newest single?

I hope my listeners can learn that it is ok to question If you made the right decision

Can you give us some background on your single “Daydreams”?

This song is about daydreaming and wondering if you did the right thing, but it is bugging you and slowly eating you away, distracting you from everything else. Also, wondering if you are better off or doing worse after letting go.

What was your weirdest habit as a kid?

My weirdest habit as a kid was to walk around my house on all fours like a gorilla.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the near future?

Expect one or two more singles, and a full length album following that. Also, once the chance arises when it is safe for gatherings expect lots of shows!

Listen to Erik Here

Keep Up With Erik Here: Instagram | Bandcamp


Powell Peralta - hey, lonely planet

Tell us a bit about yourselves

HI! We’re elise and euan from hey, lonely planet a 2 piece DIY punk band thats part of the GUIDE LINE collective, the band consists of Euan on drums and Elise on guitar and vocals. we’ve been playing together for a couple years but only started releasing music this year. you can hit us up on instagram @heylonelyplanetsucks

Where are you from?

West Lothian, Scotland

What inspired your latest single Powell Peralta?

powell peralta was written to be like a 2010s style song because i was listening to a lot of like modern baseball style bands and i wanted to write about our friends like they do. the second half was heavily inspired by a lotta old skramz bands that we wanted to recreate in more of our style

Who do you consider your musical influences?

Mozart and 100 gecs

What band has inspired you the least?

Kiss. We hate Kiss.

Which Z-boy could you beat in a fight?

If we’re able to go in a team against them, seeing as elise is approximately 4’9” and Euan is at least 9’10, I believe elise could be picked up and used as a weapon. if this is possible we could take them all at once, easy.

What can we expect from hey, lonely planet in the future?

We’ve got an EP in the works right now that should be out asap and for now you can see us on GUIDE LINE, (@guide___line on instagram, that’s three underscores btw lol) where we will continue consistently releasing content with the homies. Hopefully we’ll be playing shows as soon as it won’t kill folks nans.

Listen to Powell Peralta Here

Follow hey, lonely planet Here: Instagram | Bandcamp


Can't See You - Roller Derby

Can you introduce yourselves?

Hi! We're Philine, Manu & Max and we're in a band called Roller Derby.

Where are you from?

Philine and Manu grew up in Northern Germany, and Max is originally from northern Denmark. But we are now all living in the beautiful city where The Beatles "grew up" as Lennon himself said it: Hamburg.

When did you first start creating music as Roller Derby?

“Roller Derby” - the formation as it stands now was named and officially established in early 2020. Some months before, Philine and Manu met Max and together we worked out the songs.

What do you hope your listeners think of your newest single?

“Another great song by Roller Derby. Makes me want to put on my roller skates and go for a spin outside with my friends.”

Are you down to play “All Star” by Smashmouth at my funeral as they lower my casket?

We would definitely do that, if this is your last wish.

(someone please make sure that they do this. This is my will.)

What Disney princess could you beat up in a fight?

Does Princess Leia count? She would make a worthy opponent. But we're all really peaceful and pacifistic people, and pretty weak as well actually, so we would probably lose.

What can we expect to see/hear from you in the near future?

We are working on new songs as we speak, and are so excited to release more and, of course, play shows when the world is healthy again!

Listen to Can't See You Here

Watch The Music Video For Can't See You Here

Follow Roller Derby Here: Instagram | Bandcamp



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