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New Releases | 3.4.22

Here are some of our favorite new releases! Listen to these songs, or else.


Discoteca (Single) - Nico Play

Nico Play is the musical project of

Richmond based artist, Nicolás Perea. If you've been following us for a while, you're probably familiar with Nico Play. Nic follows up his singles Bluff and Vivir Sin Ti, with the bilingual track Discoteca.

"The theme for Discoteca was inspired by a memory of the last night-out I had pre-covid at a nightclub in Montreal," Says Nic. "It was a snowy night in February of 2020, and a friend named Dominic invited me to an

80's DJ dance night. Everyone there was young, cool, and beautiful. During lockdown, I found myself romanticizing that memory. There was a time where all I wanted was to feel the way I felt that night."

Listen to Discoteca Here


91 (Single) - Adult Mom

Adult Mom is back with after their 2021 album Driver with their newest single, 91.

"91 was one of the first songs I intentionally wrote for ‘Driver," says Stevie Knipe. “It’s a song that details escape in the most literal sense. The feeling of getting into the car, speeding down the highway at 2:00 am, and feeling the weight of what you’re leaving behind lifted. To me, it’s one of our most cathartic songs, and I’m glad to finally have it out in the world.”

Listen to 91 Here


Sunk (EP) - Babehoven

Babehoven is another band that has quickly become one of my favorites. Listen to Fugazi and tell me it's not the most beautiful song that you've ever heard.

With Sunk, Maya Bon seeks to answer a seemingly simple yet ultimately life changing question: what would happen if, rather than constantly fighting against the immovable tides of unfixable things—broken relationships, a fractured society, a future that erodes daily in the face of climate change—she gave herself permission to stop struggling altogether.

Listen To Sunk Here


She's Acting Single (Single/Cover) - Wednesday

Wednesday became one of my favorite bands after first hearing their 2021 album Twin Plagues. The Asheville band is back with their cover of Gary Stewart's She's Acting Single. The single gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from their upcoming release Mowing the Leaves Instead of Piling 'em Up, Which is an ode to their most notable musical influences.

Lead singer Karly Hartzman says:

"Our common interests in noisy ‘90s guitars, good lyrics, and country music was quickly what permeated into our voice as a band. Most decisions in our songs are made by an amalgamation of all five of our inputs, which happens pretty naturally because of this thread of influences that ties us together."

Listen To She's Acting Single Here


Wane Mouth (Single) - Hotspit

I know I've said this about every band on this list, but Hotspit is another one of those bands that I absolutely love. The live version of Wane Mouth is actually the first song of theirs that I heard, and it immediately made me fall in love with their music.

Hotspit gave some background on the single. "The song it self was written to revolve around that repeating lick. I think I wrote it two years ago. We’ve had a self recorded live version out for awhile but thought it deserved a studio version. We ended up recording it at Drop Of Sun studio with a friend of ours Alex Farrar. It was also mixed by him and mastered by Dan Millice. I wanted to keep the lyrics up beat to match the pop undertones of the song. Funnily enough the song was called Snail Mail up until the day it was released because we all thought it sounded like a song they would write. Which made me really happy because they’re a big influence. I basically pulled the name out of a hat and thus Wane Mouth was born"

Listen to Wane Mouth Here


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