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New Releases | 6.12.21

Okay, I know that I keep saying that this will be a monthly thing, but I've been busy. What are you going to do? Fire me? You can't. Here are some of my favorite releases from this month. Check it out!


Stuck (EP) - Smoothboi Ezra

Perfect If You Like: The Monster Mash, The Cheers theme song, or The Boss Baby 2 original soundtrack.


We're starting off with one of my favorite new artists, Smoothboi Ezra. I first heard about this artist earlier this week, but immediately became a fan.The 19 year old from Greystones, Ireland is absolutely someone that should be on your radar. Their debut EP Stuck is an amazing introduction to Ezra's captivating songwriting, and we're excited to see what the future has in store for this young artist.

Listen to Stuck Here

Watch the music video for Stuck here

Keep Up With Smoothboi Ezra here


Can I Leave Me Too? (Single) - The Greeting Committee

(Photo by Elizabeth Miranda)

Perfect If You Like: Nissan Rogues


If you've been following us for a while, then you're probably familiar with The Greeting Committee. We first had the opportunity to interview the band way back in like 2017. I'm pretty sure they were still in high school at that point. It's been really exciting to see The Greeting Committee grow as a band over the past few years. The Kansas City based band is back with their new single titled Can I Leave Me Too? Which is also accompanied by a music video (down below). Frontwoman Addie Sartino has a real knack for connecting to her listeners through her relatable and vulnerable songwriting. The opening verse immediately grabs your attention.

Why does everybody drive the same car you do?
I’m scared of myself without you
I'll change my ways for a few days if it means you’ll stay
I'm filthy, creepy, clingy for you always

Oh man. I think it's a universal, almost inescapable feeling to see things that remind you of an ex after a breakup. “My girlfriend drives a Nissan Rogue, and after we broke up I felt like I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing that car,” says Sartino. “I remember thinking, ‘There’s no way there are this many Nissan Rogues in Kansas City.” For Addie it was a Nissan Rogue, for me it's the fact that my ex's grandma still follows me on instagram and likes all my posts. If you're reading this Mrs. Linda, I hope you're doing well.

Listen to Can I Leave Me Too? here

Watch the music video for Can I Leave Me Too? here

Keep Up With The Greeting Committee here


Fantastic Company (Album) - My Name Is Ian

Perfect If You Like: Toads, Frogs, or King fishers.


My Name Is Ian was the first band that I ever interviewed. I know. I know. Another band that I've interviewed before. What can I say? I have good taste in music.There would be no Born Loser Magazine without them. Each of My Name Is Ian's projects differs from the last, but always manages to maintain this feeling of excitement. The band enjoys what they do, and it's made evident in their music.

Listen to Fantastic Company here

Keep Up With My Name Is Ian here


Show Up (Single) - Samia

(Photo by Sophia Matinazad)

Perfect If You Like: Anything good.


Everything Samia does is good. If you don't know that by now then unfollow me.

Listen to Show Up here

Watch the music video for Show Up here

Keep Up With Samia here


Shrug (Single) - Lunar Vacation

Perfect If You Like: Lunar Vacation.


Okay, I've said this a billion times BUT if you've been following us for a while you'll also know that we've been fans of Lunar Vacation since like 2017. Lunar vacation is back with a new single titled Shrug. Just go listen to it. It's good. Take my word for it.

Listen to Shrug here

Watch the music video for Shrug here

Keep Up With Lunar Vacation here


Thats it. you can leave now.


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