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The DuckTales Theme Song: An American Treasure Woo-oo!

Here's a video to refresh you memory.

First that bass line drops. Then your heart. You hear octave-jumping quarter notes and an eighth-note syncopation. A recognizable voice swims into your ears and washes away all your doubts, then floods your chest and drowns your fears. It is the DuckTales theme song written by Mark Mueller and performed by Jeffrey Pescetto. I remember being in kindergarten and pretending to be my favorite DuckTales characters with my friend Brad. He always wanted to be Huey, but I never let him because my favorite color was red and his was blue. It didn't make sense. He moved away that fall. I never saw him again...I think we are all born knowing the lyrics:

"Life is like a hurricane, Here in Duckburg; Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes It’s a duck blur."

Sometimes life is still feels like a duck blur, you know? I still miss my friend Brad. The DuckTales theme quickly became a global phenomenon. During its original run, DuckTales aired in more than 100 countries in 25 different languages. It was the first American cartoon broadcast in the former Soviet Union after the Cold War; The only country that had a completly different song (and only for a short time) Korea. (Yeah, that's right I actually did research on this. I bet you though it was just going to be a dumb article. No. I don't joke around when it comes to DuckTales.)

Not only is the Ducktales theme catchy, but it is an amazing piece of music and a pop classic in its own right. This song is better than anything The Beatles ever did. In fact, I don't even know any Beatles songs after listening to the DuckTales song. I miss Brad. I told him that I would write him, but I was in kindergarten and only knew how to spell out 3 words. Brad, if you're reading this, please forgive me. You can be Huey. You can be Huey. Just come back.Woo-oo!


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